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Royal Canin Feline Nutrition Dry Ageing 12+ Cats Older Than 12 Years

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Provide your ageing cat with all the nutritional care it requires during this stage of its life, with nourishing Ageing 12+ dry food. | This comprehensive and balanced meal solution provides all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to ensure that your senior cat's changing needs are met and that he/she can enjoy a healthy retirement. With complex antioxidants, mild levels of phosphorus and fatty acids such as EPA-DHA, the Ageing 12+ dry food kibbles support the functioning and health of your senior cat's kidneys, urinary tract, organs, mental capability and mobility. | As ageing cats often lose quite a bit of their sense of smell and taste, they tend to lose weight, which is bad for their immune systems, energy levels and general wellbeing. Ageing 12+ dry kibbles have been created with a double texture – a soft centre and a crunchy crust - and highly appetising taste to promote a healthy appetite. | Supplement your ageing cat's dry food diet with the Ageing 12+ wet food available in jelly or gravy and always have a fresh bowl of water close by. | Visit your veterinary clinic often to ensure your elderly cat shows no signs of ailments often accompanying old age. To add variety and additional goodness to your senior cat's diet, you should include a wet food with Ageing 12+ dry food. Royal Canin offers an Ageing 12+ wet food as ideal companion to the dry food kibbles. | | * Senior | * Balanced and complete | * Renal health | * Urinary tract health | * Kidney support | * Appetite stimulation | * Weight control | * Assists cognitive function | * Crude protein: 280 g/kg | * Crude fibre: 54 g/kg | * Crude fat: 170 g/kg | * Moisture: 70 g/kg | * Crude ash: 58 g/kg | * Senior dry food

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