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Royal Canin Feline Nutrition Wet Mother & Babycat Mousse Weaning To 4 Months 195g

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Mother & Baby Cat Instinctive Mousse will help your tiny kitten in the first age of its life with the weaning process and supplying all the nutrients once the benefits of the antibodies of his mother's milk have ceased. | The transition from mother's milk to solid foods can be challenging if the taste, smell and texture do not appeal to your kitten instinctively. At Royal Canin, the experts have ensured that the Mother and Baby Cat Mousse has all the right flavours, the correct texture and are the correct size for easy eating and digestion for your brand new family member. | The Instinctive Mousse has all the ingredients to guarantee that the daily dietary needs of both baby and mother are met. It provides your kitten with immunity building blocks, antioxidants, hydration and everything it needs to develop into a strong, healthy, active and bright cat. | Supplement your cats' wet food diet with the Mother & Baby Cat dry food presented in a delicious crunchy kibble form. Mixing wet and dry food daily is highly recommended and should always be accompanied by a bowl of fresh water. | |* Kitten 1-4 months |* Gestating and lactating females |* Ultra soft |* Immune building |* Facilitates weaning process |* Moisture: 820 g/kg |* Crude fibre: 19 g/kg |* Crude protein: 85 g/kg |* Crude fat: 35% |* Moisture: 79% |* Crude ash: 21 g/kg | *Resealable pouch |* Wet food |* Complete nutrition

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