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Seachem Flourish Iron

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Flourish Iron is a highly concentrated (10,000 mg/L) ferrous iron gluconate supplement. Seachem uses a complex (not chelate) of ferrous iron in Flourish Iron. Plants can easily derive iron from Flourish Iron because ferrous iron gluconate is already in the ferrous form so they do not expend energy reducing it. Plants cannot divert iron from older leaves to new ones. Therefore, deficiency symptoms appear first on new or young leaves. Because plants use iron to produce chlorophyll, a lack of iron results in chlorosis, or yellowing, of the younger leaves. Ferrous iron is soluble in water at any pH. Ferric iron, however, is only soluble below a pH of around 5.5; but if the pH is higher than 5.5, which more than likely it will be in a planted aquarium, the ferric iron will become insoluble and precipitate, settling in the root zone. Once this occurs, foliar absorption becomes impossible. As a hobbyist, you will appreciate that Seachem values the well-being of your aquarium and so have designed products that are creative solutions to the common problems of hobbyists. Seachem offers a wide range of solutions to any aquarium problem. || *100ml

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