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Sera Goldy Gran Goldfish Granules 250ml

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Now that your goldfish are bigger, their mouths can open wider and their bodies are able to digest bigger food so it's time to take them off the flakes and onto the Granules. Formulated for bigger goldfish, Sera Goldy Gran are a staple diet filled with all the required nutrients. The granules float and maintain their shape for a while so the water is not polluted.This 250ml bottle contains high quality ingredients such as wheat germ (4%), omega fatty acids and mannan oligosaccharides, making the food easily digestible and helping your goldfish grow strong without putting on unhealthy weight. | | * Size: 250ml | * Formulated for larger goldfish | * Floating granules that maintain their shape | * Contains wheat germs, omega fatty acids and mannan oligosaccharides | * Easily digestible | * Healthy & strong growth

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