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Sera Nh3 & Nh4 Test Ammonium 120 Tests

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Fish excrete ammonia (NH3) as waste and then depending on the pH levels, it may be converted in ammonium (NH4). While ammonium is mostly harmless, ammonia is highly toxic to fish so in order to prevent any casualties, the NH3 & NH4 levels must be checked regularly. Sera NH3/NH4 Test can be used to monitor both levels instantly and accurately. If ammonia levels are at a dangerous high, Sera Toxivec can help to quickly bring levels down and can be used in conjunction with Sera Bio Nitrivec or Sera Marin Bio Reefclear for a lasting effect. | | * 120 tests | * Measure Ammonia & Ammonium levels | * Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquarium | * See instructions on the package

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