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Sera Vipagran 26Gr 100ml

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Sera Vipagran is a light and easily digestible new formula for tropical fish. This balanced, high-fibre food does not swell up in the fish's stomach and does not put strain on the organism. The granules have a soft yet smooth structure accommodating fish with small mouths and narrow throats. They sink slowly, making them suitable for fish that eat in the middle water layers, while at the same time holding their shape so they won't pollute the water. The balanced and perfectly adapted mixture, the rich content of minerals and trace elements as well as the multivitamin complex including vitamin C make Sera Vipagran a healthy diet for all species of fish. | | * Size: 100ml | * High in fibre, minerals, trace elements | * Easily digestible | * Slowly sinking, soft granules with smooth structure

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