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Sera Vipan 22gr 100ml

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Guppies, Scalars, Cichlids, Corydoras, Neons, Colises and other tropical fish will love Sera Vipan Tropical Fish Flakes. This 100ml bottle serves as a staple food for all ornamental fish, especially those that eat at the surface of the water. The high quality ingredients have prebiotic effects to promote health and vitality. Its balanced composition meets the requirements of various fish species, and the careful manufacturing process ensures the preservation of valuable nutrients, such as omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Food flakes remain firm and at the top of the tank, which reduces water pollution. Available in standard and large flakes. | | * Size: 100ml | * Food for multi-species aquariums | * Prebiotic effects to promote health and vitality | * Contains vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids | * Easily digestible | * Flakes float and remain firm | * Available in standard and large flakes

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