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Tetra Prima 30g - 100ml

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Discus are referred to as the “King of the Aquarium” because of their majestic beauty and regal colors. Treat them like royalty by providing them with food that helps maintain their colour and shape. Tetra Prima is optimally adapted to the special dietary requirements of Discus. It contains all essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements to promote well-being, growth and beautiful colouring. It contains Vitamin C to increase their resistance to disease and prevents nutrition-related deficiency symptoms. Discus generally hang out at the bottom of the tank and the food sinks slowly, to allow them to feed sufficiently. | | * 30g / 100ml | * Formulated specifically for Discus | * Nutrient-rich for easy digestion | * Slow sinking formula | * Promotes health, growth and colour | * Increased resistance to disease

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