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Whiskas Kitten Beef 900g

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Form a special bond with your precious kitten from the start by feeding them highly nutritional and balanced food, such as Whiskas Delectable Chicken meaty nuggets. | Packed with everything your kitten needs, the exact amount of fibre, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins, antioxidants, carbohydrates and moisture were added to produce a perfect bite-size kibble. The meaty nuggets will introduce different textures to your kitten with soft, meat filled centres and crusty outer biscuits. Made from a recipe that has been developed and perfected by experts, the Delectable Chicken meaty nuggets contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Premium raw meat and vegetable derivatives are cooked and quality checked, then hygienically placed in a bag with a resealable feature to contain the freshness of your kitten's food and to make for convenient, no-fuss handling and storing. Be assured that Whiskas Delectable Chicken meaty nuggets will provide your little one with all he or she needs for optimal development into a strong and healthy adult cat. | Let Whiskas take the journey with you through the different stages of your feline's life. | Meaty nuggets are best served in small portions and with fresh water and wet food such as the Whiskas meat selection in jelly or gravy. | | * 100% Balanced diet | * Probiotics for immunity and healthy gut | * DHA for brain development | * Calcium for strong bones and teeth | * Increased sensory awareness | * Protein: 320 g/kg | * Fat: 120 g/kg | * Moisture: 100 g/1kg | * Fibre: 25 g/kg | * Ash: 70 g/kg | * Taurine | * Meaty taste | * Resealable bag: 900 g | * Kitten | * Flavour: Delectable Chicken meaty nuggets

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