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With over 1600 m2 of space in our new store, the goal is to have absolutely everything a pet-owner would need under one roof. Not only does this include the widest variety of pet food, toys, and other products, but also a grooming parlour and vet clinic.

We are, however not limited to products for the more common cats and dogs, but also offer a broad selection for smaller pets, such as birds, fish, reptiles, and bunnies. Furthermore, we'll be introducing a new pet section of marine fish to this store which is unique to the Western Cape.

The well-being of animals will always be our number one priority, and because of this, we do not sell cats and dogs, but rather team up with welfare agencies to promote the adoption of these fluffy friends and get them to a happy home. Your pets really do mean the world to us, and we are proud to be able to make caring for them easier on you.

The Largest Pet, Vet & Grooming Store in Cape Town

After the great success of our first store in Goodwood that has now been open for over two years, and seeing just how quickly Capetonians embraced our one-stop shop concept, we realised the need to expand our reach.

Having had customers commute from the Helderberg area on a daily basis, we decided to make life a lot more convenient for our supporters and their beloved pets, by bringing our business to them.

We wanted to ensure that our current and potential Helderberg customers get the exact same service and products that they've grown accustomed to at our first store, so in order to retain these high standards, we've been preparing this exciting opening for over six months, with an eye for detail at the forefront.

All you need under one roof!

PETWORLD is located next to the N1 and neighbours the Virgin Active Gym. The shop caters for all dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals and reptile pet lovers. Food and non-food products are sourced from local and international suppliers.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a large range of products, the best service levels and quality pet care services.

PETWORLD sells 100% healthy live animals!

PETWORLD sells 100% healthy live animals. No elephants & giraffes!
But fish, pond fish, birds, small animals and a few reptiles will be available for purchase.