The Largest All-in-One Pet, Vet & Grooming Stores in South-Africa

After the great success of our first PETWORLD in Goodwood which opened its doors in 2014, and seeing just how quickly South Africans embraced our one-stop shop concept with such pawsitivity, we realised the need to expand our reach regionally, nationally, and even internationally. Having had customers regularly commute from the entire Western Cape area, we decided to make life a lot more convenient for our supporters and their beloved pets by bringing our business to them.

We simply couldn’t say no to the oppurrtunity to spread our wings throughout the rest of South Africa to ensure that all potential and existing customers get the exact same service and products that our first Petworld stores are known for. With an eye for detail at the forefront, we guarantee that all our newest additions will provide the same experience of a pristine and clean store, the best deals, and friendly staff (and animals!).

The past 4 years have been exciting for the Petworld family as we have nearly doubled our range to about 15,000 products! Apart from the widest variety of pet food, toys, and other accessories, our stores also offur a GROOMWORLD grooming parlour and a VETWORLD vet shop and vet clinic.

A house is not a home without a pet.

Despite cats and dogs being the more common household pets, we certainly don’t stop at just these furballs! We also cater for smaller pets such as birds, fish (tropical, marine, and pond), reptiles, hamsters, rats, and bunnies; a broad ssselection that is unique to South Africa.

The well-being of animals will always be our number one priority, and because of this, we do not sell cats and dogs, but rather team up with local welfare agencies and rescue organisations to promote the adoption of fluffy friends in need of good, loving homes. We regularly host adoption and microchipping days at our stores on weekends, help raise funds, and collect and drop off donations for the furtastic welfares that work tirelessly towards such an important cause. And, of course, we’re exceptionally grateful for all the suppawt from our loyal customers in this endeavour!

Your pets really do mean the world to us, and we are proud to be able to make caring for them easier on you.

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Our Headquarters are in Cape Town, South Africa

Alberton XXL (opening in 2019)
+27 (0) 11
Belville XXL (opening June 2019)
021 914 2775
Bloemfontein XXL (opening 2019)
072 258 2697
Cape Gate XXL (opening 31st of August 2018)
272 198 1360
Diep River XXL (opening March 2019)
East London XXL (opening 2019)
072 258 2697
Fourways Express (opening 28/03/2019)
+27(0)11 to be installed
Fourways XXL
270 114 6521
George XXL (opening March 2019)
+27(0) 712 to be installed
Goodwood XXL
270 215 9519
Paarl XXL (opening in 2019)
Port Elizabeth BAY WEST XXL (opening 2019)
072 258 2697
Port Elizabeth WALMER XXL (opening 2019)
072 258 2697
Roodepoort XXL
270 117 6426
Sea Point Express
+27(0)21 433 04 39
Somerset West XXL
270 218 5160
Table View XXL (Opening in 2018 )
270 21_ ____

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