Celebrating the Sensory Delight: Royal Canin's Sensory™ Wet Range for Cats

Celebrating the Sensory Delight: Royal Canin's Sensory™ Wet Range for Cats

Vanessa LeRoux

At Petworld, we're always on the prowl for the next big thing in pet care. And guess what? We've sniffed out something truly purr-fect for our feline friends! Read on and discover the benefits and taste-tested sensory delights Royal Canin's new Sensory™ range delivers.

Cats, Curiosity and Culinary Crafts: Introducing the Sensory™ Adventure

Cats are mysterious, aren't they? They've enchanted humans for centuries with their graceful movements, enigmatic eyes, and softest purrs. But have you ever paused to ponder how these majestic creatures experience the world? Their senses are their magic wands, painting a vivid picture of their surroundings. And when it comes to mealtime, these senses play a starring role. Enter Royal Canin's Sensory™ Wet range - a culinary delight designed to tantalize those feline senses and elevate mealtime from a mundane routine to a sensory fiesta!

Orange, cream and grey cat looks hungry and downright ready for a lip-smacking bowl or Royal Canin Sensory wet cat food.

A Deep Dive into the Feline World

Every twitch of the whisker, every swish of the tail, and every chirp and meow is a testament to the rich sensory world cats inhabit. Their sense of smell, for instance, is a staggering 14 times more potent than ours. But, with a mere 470 taste buds (compared to our 9,000!), their tasting game is a tad different. It's these unique quirks that make cats so fascinating. And it's these very quirks that Royal Canin's Sensory™ Wet range seeks to cater to.

An orange and white cat with her tongue stuck out, waiting for her special bowl of Royal Canin Sensory cat food.

Celebrating the Sensory™ Symphony:

Food plays a pivotal role in the grand orchestra of a cat's life, and Royal Canin has masterfully composed a melody that resonates with each of their senses. From the tantalizing aromas that beckon their powerful olfactory senses to the dance of flavours that cater to their unique taste buds, and the rich tapestry of textures that elevate their tactile experience, the Sensory™ range is a harmonious blend of all things cats adore.

It's not just about feeding; it's about orchestrating an experience that celebrates the intricate world of feline senses. Let's explore the three pillars of this symphony: Smell, Taste and Feel.


Imagine a world where every scent is amplified fourteen-fold. That's the world cats live in. Their first interaction with food? It's through that powerful nose. Royal Canin's Sensory™ Smell is a symphony of aromas with notes of fatty, fruity, and nutty odours, all sourced sustainably. It's not just food; it's an aromatic adventure.


While their sense of taste might not be as expansive as ours, cats have a knack for the finer flavours in life, especially the savoury umami. The Sensory™ Taste is a dance of flavours with hints of toasted, meaty, and caramelized delights. It's a taste journey crafted especially for those discerning feline palates.


For cats, eating isn't just about taste; it's about the feel. The texture of the food, the way it feels as they chew and swallow, is paramount. Sensory™ Feel is a textural treat with creamy gravies, jelly textures, and meaty chunks. It's a tactile experience designed to make every bite a delight.

The Joy of Mealtime

With the Sensory™ range, mealtime becomes an event. You'll see the signs - the eager anticipation as you pop open the can, the relaxed munching, and the satisfied purr post-meal. It's a testament to the sensory delight that Royal Canin has packed into each product.

Two long-haired orange and grey cats eye the catnip grass. Pudding after a lovely, tasty Royal Canin's Sensory wet food meal.

Royal Canin: A Mixed Bag of Nutrition Excellence

Why limit the sensory experience to just wet food? The Sensory™ range is perfect for a mixed feeding routine. While the wet food tantalizes the senses, the dry food offers its own set of benefits, from dental health to prolonged freshness. It's the best of both worlds, ensuring your feline friend gets a balanced, enriched dinner.

Black and white photo of a cat tucking into a bowl of Royal Canin sensory wet food.

Beyond Nourishment: A Sensory Soiree for Your Feline

At PetWorld, we believe in offering the best to our furry patrons. And with Royal Canin's Sensory™ Wet range, we're taking a step further in that commitment. It's not just food; it's a sensory celebration. So, the next time you're in our store, detour to the Royal Canin aisle. Let your cat embark on a sensory journey, one bite at a time. After all, in the world of cats, it's the senses that reign supreme. Here's to more purrs, chirps, and meows!

Come on over, and let's make mealtime a sensory party!