Biscuits & Beyond: Petworld Teams up with Montego Bags O' Wags!

Biscuits & Beyond: Petworld Teams up with Montego Bags O' Wags!

Vanessa LeRoux

Petworld, with its relentless focus on the future and a firm commitment to a better tomorrow, has revolutionised pet shopping in South Africa. Their mission is fuelled by the conviction that their commitment to this will positively impact the lives of their customers and their pets.

Montego Bags O' Wags Dog Treats and a Dog

The Woof-worthy Alliance: Petworld & Montego's Shared Vision of Excellence

Montego Pet Nutrition, built on the solid foundation of entrepreneurial spirit, family values, quality, and innovation, echoes Petworld's commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Their vision for superior pet nutrition aligns seamlessly with Petworld's dedication to providing exclusive, quality products for their customers' pets.

It's Raining Treats!

The partnership with Montego has brought the Bags O' Wags range of dog treats to Petworld stores. These treats, made from all-natural ingredients, come in various flavours and textures, ensuring that there's something to suit every dog's taste. Not only do they serve as rewards for good behaviour, but they also act as special treats that dogs love.

A group image of montego bags o wags dog treat products from petworld

The All-star Line-up of Bags O' Wags Treats at Petworld

There are several reasons why Bags O' Wags treats hold a special place in the Petworld product range. The Assorted Treats pack is an exciting mix of Crunchies, Squishies, and Denties, offering a variety of treats for your dog to enjoy. The Crunchies variant is made with real meat and vegetables and helps clean your dog's teeth. The Squishies are soft and chewy and satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew. Denties, specially formulated to freshen your dog's breath and reduce tartar build-up, contribute to oral health.

Pom gets a Bags O' Wags treat!

Doing Good, One Paw at a Time

Like Petworld, Montego is not just a company but an active participant in animal welfare. Their commitment to giving back to the South African community through supporting local charities reflects this mission of collaborating with local animal shelters.

Petworld has created a community revolving around a shared passion for pets. It represents their promise to provide your pets with the best care and products, in-store and online. Their partnership with Montego and their Bag O' Wags range is a testament to this mission.

Pet owner rewarding his dog with montego bags o wags dog treats

Tail-Wagging Times Ahead

As Petworld and Montego Bags O' Wags stride into the future of pet shopping, they invite you and your pets to visit a Petworld store. Let your furry friends choose their favourite Bag O' Wags treats. We promise their tails will wag with delight! At Petworld and Montego, your pets hold a special place in their hearts and always will. This partnership embodies their dedication to your pets and their well-being. They're committed to serving you and your precious companions today and always.