Canine Healthcare Explored, Part Two: Say Goodbye to Poop Eating and Say Hello to Summer Sunshine!

Canine Healthcare Explored, Part Two: Say Goodbye to Poop Eating and Say Hello to Summer Sunshine!

Vanessa LeRoux

Do you want to wean your dog off of eating their waste, or are walks in the summer sunshine calling your name? Is your pupster experiencing tummy upsets? Read on to discover all about doggo sunscreen and effective treatment aids like a detox for your pet's digestive system, helping them feel better faster!

Welcome to Part Two of our in-depth exploration of these and other essential medications and health products for dogs. Whether you're embarking on the journey with a new pupperoo or you're a seasoned guardian of a beloved doggo, understanding the array of health products available is crucial in ensuring their well-being and zest for life.

Young lab pup is playing dress up in a white vet's coat sporting a stethoscope.

Balancing Pet Comfort with Veterinary Expertise

In this guide, we'll get into the specifics of each product, shedding light on their purposes and benefits. It's important to remember that while these products can alleviate symptoms and enhance comfort, they are not substitutes for professional veterinary advice and care.

We always encourage pet parents to consult with their veterinarian for any health concerns and to diligently adhere to the manufacturer's instructions when using these products.

Let's take a closer look at the following helpful health aids; after all, being well-informed is one of the most loving actions you can take for your loyal, bestest buddy:

  • Copronat Liquid Spray Solutions

  • Kyron PetScreen SPF23 Sunscreen

  • Oti Clear Ear Cleaning Solution

  • Diomec Plus Paste

  • Laxapet Gel

  • River Hound Paw and Nose Butter

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Copronat Liquid Spray Solutions 250 ml: The Natural Solution to Your Pet's Pesky Poop Eating

Copronat: Description

  1. Control of coprophagy (eating faeces) in cats and dogs.

  2. Elimination of offensive odour associated with gassy tummies in both cats and dogs.

Copronat brings a breath of fresh air to pet care with its natural, plant-based formula. Harnessing the power of Yucca schidigera extract, this food supplement is a game-changer for pet parents dealing with their doggo eating its faeces.

It's a simple yet effective approach: when added to your pet's meal, Copronat subtly changes the taste of their waste, making it less appealing for pooch pals who this habit might tempt.

But that's not all – it also tackles another common pet concern: flatulence. By reducing those not-so-pleasant odours, Copronat helps keep your home smelling fresher, making life with your four-legged family members even more enjoyable.

Copronat: Key Benefits

  1. Natural and safe food supplement.

  2. Stops Coprophagia in most dogs within six weeks of daily usage.

  3. Reduces the odour of flatulence in both cats and dogs.

Copronat: Usage and Frequency

For Coprophagia:

  • Spray 2 ml (equivalent to 4 pump depressions) onto food for every 10kg of the animal's weight.

  • 0-10kg: 2 ml per day (4 pump depressions)

  • 10-20kg: 4 ml per day (8 pump depressions)

  • 20-30kg: 6 ml per day (12 pump depressions)

For Flatulence:

Spray onto the food of the animal experiencing flatulence.

Note: Patience is key. It may take up to 6 weeks of consistent daily feeding before noticeable results are observed.

A black and white border collie stands in the sun amongst the grasses and yellow flowers.

Kyron PetScreen SPF23 Sunscreen 100 ml: Your K9's Defense Against Sun Damage

PetScreen: Description

Embrace sunny days confidently using this clear liquid sunscreen, specially crafted for your animal pals. This sunscreen is a must-have for pet parents, especially in sunny South Africa, where the rays are intense, and the risk of sun-associated skin issues is higher.

It's thoughtfully designed to shield your beloved pets from harmful sun damage, helping to prevent skin tumours and keep them safe while they enjoy the great outdoors. This sunscreen ensures your pets are protected, happy, and ready to bask in the sunshine safely.

PetScreen: Risks of Exposure to Sunlight

  • Cats: Increased risk of squamous cell carcinoma due to factors like lack of pigment on nose, ears, and eyelids.

  • Dogs: Breeds like beagles, Dalmatians, whippets, and white bull terriers can develop tumours from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

PetScreen: Benefits

  • Offers protection against UVA (long-term skin damage) and UVB (sunburn) radiation.

  • SPF of 23, tested on human skin.

  • Four different sunscreen agents for comprehensive protection.

  • Lick-resistant and quick-drying base.

PetScreen: Composition

• Contains Octocrylene, Octyl Dimethyl PABA, and Butyl Methooxydibenzoyl methane.

PetScreen: Usage and Frequency

Generously apply this sunscreen to those sun-kissed spots on your pet every day, as needed, to keep them safe under the sun's playful rays. And hey, if your pet isn't too keen on sprays, no worries at all! Just grab a soft cotton wool swab and gently dab on the sunscreen.

It's a simple and stress-free way to ensure they're covered so you both can enjoy sunny adventures with peace of mind and a lot of tail-wagging fun!

A woolly looking dachshund with long, droopy ears poses for the camera.

Oti Clear Ear Cleaning Solution*: Swift and Gentle Ear Care

Oti Clear: Description

Oti Clear, crafted by Cipla, is more than just an ear-cleaning solution; it's a gentle guardian for your doggo and catto's ears. This unique formula is a wizard at whisking away ear wax, debris, and dirt, ensuring your furry pals have the cleanest and happiest ears in town.

It's really effective, especially for those adorable pets with droopy and long ears. The solution acts swiftly in just a few minutes, yielding results within minutes of application.

But remember, while Oti Clear does wonders, it's super important to watch for any signs of ear discomfort. Ear infections can be a serious problem for our four-legged friends, causing them distress. If you spot any unusual symptoms like head shaking or pawing at their ears, a quick trip to the vet is the best way to keep those tail wags coming and ensure your pet's ear health is top-notch.

Oti Clear: Composition and Benefits

The critical components of Oti Clear include salicylic acid, which serves as a solvent to disintegrate debris, and lactic acid, which alters the ear's pH, effectively eliminating fungi and other potential pathogens. This combination ensures that the ear environment is not conducive to the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Moreover, Oti Clear is non-toxic and non-irritating, meaning it's safe for all cats and dogs without any known side effects.

Oti Clear: Usage and Frequency

For the best ear-tickling results with Oti Clear, here's a little trick: gently squirt the solution into your pupster's ear canal, then give the base of their ear a soft, loving massage. This little spa treatment helps break up bothersome ear debris and wax. Watch as your pet shakes their head – it's their way of saying 'thanks' and helps fling out all the loosened gunk.

After their impromptu shake-off, grab a soft cloth or a cotton ball to dab away any leftover solution. The beauty of Oti Clear is its flexibility – you can turn it into a weekly spa ritual or save it for when you notice their ears need a bit of extra TLC.

Just remember, as much as we love to delve into mysteries, it's super important not to play detective by poking anything into your doggo's ear canals. Keeping it simple and safe is the key to happy, healthy ears.

Oti Clear: Signs of Ear Infections

Maintaining ear hygiene is crucial as ear infections in pets are common and can lead to considerable discomfort and potential complications if neglected. Indicators of an ear infection include redness, swelling, foul-smelling discharge, head shaking, and even ear bleeding.

Other symptoms to be vigilant about are crusts or scabs inside the outer ear, hair loss around the ear, loss of balance, unusual eye movements, lesions, walking in circles, hearing loss, and decreased appetite. Pets might also exhibit signs of pain, like crying or whimpering when their ears are touched.


While Oti Clear is an effective cleaning solution, it's paramount for pet parents to be familiar with the appearance and smell of their pet's healthy ears. This knowledge aids in the early detection of any abnormalities. If any signs of ear infections or concerns about the pet's ear health are observed, seeking immediate veterinary consultation is imperative. An untreated ear infection can be excruciating for pets, and timely medical intervention ensures their well-being.

An old, sick yellow lab lies on a blue towel while the vet holds him, he's is suffering from diarrhoea.

Diomec Plus Paste by Kyron Laboratories: Tackling Pet Diarrhoea Head-On

Diomec Plus: Description

When your four-legged family member faces the discomfort of acute or chronic diarrhoea, Diomec Plus Paste from Kyron Laboratories comes to the rescue. This specially formulated paste is a kind and effective way to soothe your doggo's (or catto's) digestive woes.

What Makes Diomec Plus Special?

Soothing Ingredients: Diomec Plus is packed with components that gently calm the intestinal lining. This means less discomfort for your pet and more peace of mind for you.
Toxin Absorption: The paste contains natural ingredients that help absorb harmful toxins in the gut. This is like a detox for your pet's digestive system, helping them feel better faster.
Stool Firming: Diarrhea can be messy and stressful for both pets and pet parents. Diomec Plus works to firm up stools, making this challenging time a bit easier to manage.

Diomec Plus: Key Ingredients

  1. Diosmectite: A natural clay that binds toxins and bacteria in the gut, helping to firm up the stool.

  2. Prebiotics and Probiotics: These help restore and maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, which can be disrupted during episodes of diarrhoea.

  3. Dextrose: Provides an energy source for weakened animals.

  4. Electrolytes: Helps to replace lost salts and minerals due to diarrhoea.

Diomec Plus: Usage and Frequency

Administering Diomec Plus is a breeze, whether gently placing it directly into your pupster's mouth or cleverly mixing it into their favourite meal. Remember, the right amount and how long you use it will vary based on your furry friend's size and their tummy troubles.

Packaging: Diomec Plus typically comes in a syringe-like applicator, making it easy to administer the correct dose.

Precautions: Diomec Plus effectively tackles those troublesome episodes of diarrhoea in our furry friends. But, if your pupster's tummy woes are hanging around longer than a weekend, or if they're feeling under the weather with symptoms like vomiting, low energy, or there's blood in their stool, it's time to call in the pros.

A quick chat with your vet can unravel the mystery behind these symptoms, ensuring your canine buddy returns to their tail-wagging, happy self in no time.

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Laxapet Gel by Kyron Laboratories: The Pet-Friendly Laxative and Hairball Aid

Laxapet: Description

Laxapet Gel, crafted by the experts at Kyron Laboratories, is a real lifesaver when dealing with those pesky hairballs in our feline friends and easing constipation in cats and dogs. This clever gel is specially formulated to help our purring pals and tail-wagging buddies pass ingested hair smoothly, preventing the formation of uncomfortable hairballs. It's also a gentle laxative, making it a go-to solution when your pet's digestive system needs a little extra help.

Laxapet: Key Ingredients

The magic of Laxapet lies in its key ingredient, paraffin, which acts like a smooth operator, lubricating the digestive tract and helping everything move along more comfortably.

Plus, its malt extract not only makes the gel irresistible to pets but also aids in the natural passage of ingested hair. This means fewer hairball surprises and more happy, playful moments with your furry companion.

Other Ingredients: These might include vitamins, fats, and other components to improve the product's effectiveness and taste.

Laxapet: Usage and Frequency

When it comes to giving Laxapet, it's all about flexibility and ease for you and your pet. This handy gel can be administered in a way that suits your four-legged best. You can offer it straight from the tube for a quick treat, dab a bit on their paw for a fun, self-grooming snack, or even mix it into their meal for a seamless integration into their diet.

The amount and how often you use Laxapet will depend on your pet's size and specific needs, whether it's for keeping those hairballs at bay or helping with a bout of constipation.

Packaging: Laxapet usually comes in a squeezable tube, making it easy to administer the correct dose.

Precautions: While Laxapet can be effective for mild constipation and hairball issues, it's essential to consult a veterinarian if the problem persists or if there are other symptoms. Chronic constipation or frequent hairballs can be indicative of underlying health issues that require professional attention.

Always follow the recommended dosage and directions provided on the product label or as a veterinarian prescribes.

 A large dog paw rests in a persons hand. Just right for Riverhound paw and nose butter.

River Hound Paw and Nose Butter: The All-Weather Protector

River Hound: Description

This butter is designed to moisturise, soothe, and protect a dog's paws and nose. It can be particularly beneficial in extreme weather conditions, where a dog's paws might become dry or cracked due to hot pavements in summer or icy conditions in winter. Similarly, some dogs have naturally dry noses or can develop dryness due to certain conditions or environments.

Applications: River Hound Paw and Nose Butter can be used:

  • Before walks in harsh weather conditions, as a protective barrier.

  • After walks to soothe and heal any minor abrasions or dryness.

  • As a regular moisturising treatment for dogs prone to dryness.

River Hound: Key Ingredients

  1. Natural Oils: Ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil are often used for their moisturising properties.

  2. Butter: Shea butter and cocoa butter are common ingredients known for their deep moisturising capabilities.

  3. Beeswax: Often added for its protective properties, creating a barrier against harsh conditions.

  4. Herbal Extracts: Ingredients like calendula or chamomile might be added for their soothing and healing properties.

River Hound: Usage and Frequency

The butter is applied directly to the dog's paws or nose, and it's wise to start with a clean canvas – a gentle wipe-down ensures the area is ready for pampering. Once applied, the product can be lovingly massaged into the skin until fully absorbed, turning a simple skincare routine into a bonding moment between you and your furry pal.

Regular use, especially before and after outdoor adventures or in dry conditions, can help keep those precious paws and noses in tip-top shape.

Packaging: It comes in a tub, making it easy to apply.

Precautions: While made with your pet's safety in mind, it's still wise to watch for any unusual reactions. If your dog seems too interested in the treated area, perhaps giving it the old lick test more than usual, or if they show any signs of discomfort, it might be time for a quick chat with your vet.

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Bark-Worthy Health Solutions: Discovering Key Dog Care Essentials

As we wrap up Part Two of our essential guide to dog health products, let's take a moment to appreciate the diverse range of items we've explored. From the breath-freshening wonders of Copronat Liquid Spray, which keeps those cheeky coprophagy habits and gassy odours at bay, to the sunny protection offered by Kyron PetScreen SPF23 Sunscreen, ensuring our furry friends can safely enjoy the great outdoors.

We've delved into the ear-cleansing prowess of Oti Clear, a gentle yet effective solution for keeping those floppy ears clean and happy, and the soothing relief of Diomec Plus Paste, a go-to remedy for those unexpected tummy troubles.

We also discovered the magic of Laxapet Gel, a dual-action marvel for preventing hairballs and easing constipation, and the nurturing touch of River Hound Paw and Nose Butter, perfect for keeping those paws and noses moisturised and protected against the elements.

Each product, with its unique benefits, contributes to a comprehensive healthcare routine for our beloved dogs, ensuring they stay happy, healthy, and full of life.

Golden Retriever holds paws with the vet while she gets ready to examine her.

Pet Care Wisdom: Vet First, Products Second!

But remember, dear pet parents, while these products are fantastic tools in our pet care arsenal, they're not a substitute for professional veterinary care. Always consult your veterinarian before introducing any new health product to your dog's routine. They are the experts who can provide tailored advice and guidance, ensuring your pup receives the best possible care.