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Discover the Benefits of Eco Vet for Your Pet at Petworld - A Sustainable Partnership for Happy and Healthy Pets

Welcome to the world of Ecovet, a brand that has revolutionized equine care with its innovative and effective solutions. Founded by three passionate horse enthusiasts - Dr. Tim John, Doug McCorkendale, and Frank Reilly DVM - Ecovet is driven by their combined expertise in veterinary medicine, chemical engineering, and business. Their mission? To provide horse owners with safer alternatives for fly control that not only work but also reduce exposure to traditional pesticides.

Ecovet's primary offering is its patented fly repellent formula which uses naturally occurring fatty acids derived from beef tallow as active ingredients instead of toxic pesticides or permethrin-based products commonly found in other equine fly sprays. This unique formulation was recognized as "Product of the Year" by Horse Journal in 2015 due to its effectiveness against multiple types of flies including house flies, stable flies, horn flies, ticks & mosquitoes while being safe for use around children & pets.

When you buy Eco Vet Horse Fly Spray or shop Eco Vet Horse Supplements at Petworld you're investing in more than just an insect deterrent; these products are designed not just repel insects but also 'confuse' them using octanoic acid which disrupts normal insect behavior patterns making it difficult for them find their target (the horse). Moreover unlike many other brands whose effect diminishes over time due to evaporation or washing off during rain showers - Ecovet’s formulation remains effective even after sweating or light rain thanks its unique ability form a protective barrier on animal’s coat thereby offering long-lasting protection against pests.

In addition to being an effective pest deterrent – Ecovet’s products offer secondary benefits such as reducing skin problems associated with insect bites and improving coat condition due to the moisturizing properties of their formula.

Petworld's partnership with Ecovet stems from our shared commitment towards providing reliable quality pet care solutions. We proudly stock a range of Ecovet products, including the Eco Vet Horse Fly Spray and Eco Vet Horse Supplements. Our customers can take advantage of our regular sales and discounts to ensure their horses receive the best care at affordable prices.

Ecovet's unique value proposition lies in its commitment to providing a safer, more effective solution for equine fly control. By leveraging naturally occurring fatty acids instead of traditional pesticides, Ecovet offers a product that is not only better for horses but also for the environment. This innovative approach has positioned them as a leader in the pet industry and sets them apart from competitors.

In conclusion, Ecovet is an innovative brand dedicated to improving the health and well-being of horses through their unique line of fly repellent products. Their mission-driven approach combined with their commitment to safety and effectiveness makes them stand out in the pet industry - making it an ideal choice for Petworld's discerning customers who prioritize quality above all else.