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Avian Medic Avian Medic Pluck Stop 300ml

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Pet safe, mild and non-toxic, this dermacare spray, specially formulated for use on cats, horses and dogs, treats trauma on the skin. Ideal for dry, irritated and cracked skin, wounds, trauma and hot-spots, this aromatherapy spray conditions and heals the skin, for quick relief. The antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties assist with the removal of allergens from the skin and coat, and repel insects. Speed up the healing process of bites, open wounds, abrasions, and lacerations with this powerful spray that minimises scarring, it’s a must in your pets first aid kit. | | * Dermacare spray | * Mild, non-toxic | * Healing aromatherapy oils | * For cats, dogs, horses | * Speeds up healing | * For cuts, abrasions, wounds | * Size: 500 ml

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