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Boyu Ceramic Rings

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Protect your fish tank against nitrates and ammonia with the CR-500 bio ceramic rings which provide the ideal environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria colonies. | The highly porous and hollow ceramic rings effectively increase the flow of water and distribution of oxygen. Made from ceramic and soft active carbon, the rings ensure a chemically stable, healthy aquarium and allow for the beneficial bacteria to grow inside and on top of its surface. The rings have a phytocide function to protect and create an environment for beneficial bacteria which is similar to micro-organisms' natural habitat. | These ceramic rings are the best filter media for ensuring the growth of nitrobacteria, optimisation of the filtering process and cleaning and deodorising of your fish tank. These multi-function ceramic rings are great for use in a freshwater or saltwater aquarium. | | * Beneficial bacteria growth | * Kills ammonia and nitrates | * Suits all filter systems | * Porous and hollow for maximum water flow and oxygenation | * Aerobic nitrification and anaerobic denitrification | * Outer diameter: 12 mm | * Inner diameter: 4 mm | * Height: 11 mm | * Different size packs | * CR-500: 500 g

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