Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400274287933

Flamingo Car Safety Net Webster 90cm

R 303.99 ZAR R 379.90


There are times when you have to brake suddenly when driving, protect your fur babies from injury and possibly flying through the windscreen with this safety net. If your pets are restless in the car and want to come sit in front with you, or distract you, this net will prevent that too. Now you can all travel safely in the car, this pet protection barrier is made from strong and durable mesh to protect your precious cargo and you. || * Dog safety net | * Protective car barrier | * Separates front and back of car | * Prevents injury to dogs | * Prevents dogs from distracting you | * Stops dogs from coming to the front of the car | * Durable, strong mesh | * Minimum dimension: 110-80cm | * Maximum dimension: 120-90cm

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