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Flamingo Cat Toy Yowly Ladybird Multi 14cm

R 179.90


A big friendly smile with a large round padded head makes this Yowly Ladybird the ultimate plush cat toy. It features 8 knotted fabric legs for your cat to bite and paw at with a long twirly pattern fabric covering the body of the toy. Offering a variety of textures and shapes this toy will excite your cat's senses and make a wonderful companion for your favourite feline. Two large flappy orange wings add to the vibrancy of this multicoloured premium cat toy.|| * Size: 13cm | * Padded round fluffy head | * 2 large flappy fabric wings | * Twirly pattern fabric body | * knotted fabric antennae with 8 legs | * Suitable for all cat breeds | * Colours: Multicoloured

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