Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585115819

Flamingo Feed Rack Closable and Spike For Fruit Jax Red 20x17cm

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Suitable for all types of cages, this feeding rack and fruit holder is ideal for filling with vegetables, hay or grass and has a lid that closes on top. There’s even a spike on the side where you can attach fruit, so it’s the veggie, hay or grass meal, and the fruit for pudding on the side, or they can just start with the pudding, that’s up to them. Ideal for keeping the cage clean, and easy to attach with the hooks, this rack in stylish red, is made from durable metal to last. | | * Metal feeding rack for cages | * Easily attaches to the cage | * With lid that closes | * Keeps the cage clean | * With spike for fruit | * Rack for vegetables, hay, grass | * Colour: Red | * Dimensions: 20x8.5x17 cm

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