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Flamingo Hayrack Banquet Red

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Hay offers fibres and minerals for little furry pets’ healthy diet and roughage needs. Rabbits especially, need at least 80% grassy hay in their diet every day. | Now you can contain it with this stylish red hayrack that easily attaches to the cage. Hay is also great for grinding down their ever growing incisor teeth, but you can add leafy greens for great taste and to supplement their diet; this hayrack is perfect. | If hay does fall on the floor, then it’s fun foraging and burrowing time for little pets - and they’ll eat it too. | | * Hayrack for little pets | * Easy to clean | * Attaches to cage | * For healthy diets | * Add hay and leafy greens | * Size: Small | * Colour: Red | * Dimensions: 14x12x19 cm

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