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Kyron Protexin Soluble 60g

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Containing live natural organisms that are heat- and acid resistant, Protexin is excellent for well-balanced gut flora, and is one of the most powerful probiotics available. | This 7-strain probiotic powder boosts immunity to help fight infections and enhances vitamin K production, which aids blood clotting. | Protexin Soluble restores natural intestinal balance and aids in the control of diarrhoea, it should also be given during and after antibiotic therapy. Safe for all pets’ everyday use, Protexin is palatable and can be added to food, milk or water. | | * Probiotic powder | * For balanced gut flora | * Boosts immunity | * Helps fight infection | * Enhances vitamin K production | * Controls diarrhoea | * For antibiotic therapy | * For all animals | * Size: 60 g

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