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Parrot Food Natural

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Parrot Food Natural offers a balanced diet and features roasted, grains. | Once roasted, the grains are milled and shaped with a cold process. All of the important additives like vitamins, amino acids, spirulina, antioxidants, etc. are added. The palatability is improved with the addition of dried vegetables and the natural nutty taste and smell of the roasted grains. The pellets are made to a size the parrots enjoy. | Parrot Food Natural can be used as a stand-alone food source or in combination with other Animal Zone products like Parrot Muesli and fresh fruit and vegetables. Make sure that 60% of your bird's total daily intake consists of a balanced diet. Refer to packaging instructions for quantity of food and feeding time recommendations. | Animal Zone gives your pet only the best of nature! Their food products and supplements were specifically developed using quality ingredients. | | * Size: 1 kg

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