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Sera Goldy Goldfish Flakes

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Sera Goldy is the ideal staple food for small to medium goldfish and other freshwater fish. The Goldfish flakes can be fed directly into your aquarium or pond daily and they will provide your fish with all the nutrients they need. The flakes will float so that all fish get a chance to eat and there is no waste left behind. They are a mix of carefully selected herbal and animal ingredients creating an easily digestible staple diet that will support the health, growth and disease resistance of your fish. This 50 ml bottle contains 4% Gammarus which is rich in carotenoids to promote bright colouring and shiny scales. | | * Size: 50 ml | * Floating flakes who keep their shape | * Designed for small to medium goldfish | * Contain carotenoids and trace elements to enhance colour and lifespan | * Builds resistance against disease

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