5 Bizarre Pet Products You Won’t Find on our Shelves

5 Bizarre Pet Products You Won’t Find on our Shelves


Anyone who has ever had a pet will know what a weak spot they are to us: we’ll dress them, groom them, fawn over them endlessly, and just about blow our life savings on them without batting an eye. Of course, that deep love between human and animal (mixed with some sometimes-questionable human creativity) has paved the way for some seriously weird and wonderful pet products, some of which are more useful than others… 

1. Puppy Tweets

What’s the worst part about not having opposable thumbs? If your pup could talk, I’m pretty sure that “not being able to tweet” would not be his or her first response.  The device works via an electronic tag that you attach to your pup’s collar; when he moves, bark, or naps, the device uses a Wi-Fi signal to post tweets to Twitter – there are over 500 pre-loaded phrases/messages from which your chatty pet can “choose”.

2. Neuticles

Has the fact that you robbed your male dog or cat of his manhood been terriering you up inside? Well, you certainly wouldn’t be the first pawrent to feel badly about it… but would you go as far as getting your guy testicular implants? Since the company’s inception in 1995, a surprising 500 000 pets have been “neuticled” without complication!

3. Pet Highchair

We watch TV with our pets, we bring them shopping, we take them along on holidays, we cuddle with them in bed… but what about that precious bonding time that’s missed out on you’re sitting at the dinner table with no place set for your pup? Thanks to the clip-on pet highchair, you can now stare lovingly into your four-legged friend’s eyes as you enjoy a romantic meal for two!

4. Dog Beer

If you’re going to be propping your pup up in a highchair at dinnertime you may as well get him a beer too. Of course, doggie beers are non-alcoholic and formulated especially for canines (it seems to be more of a sauce/gravy that you can pour over kibble), so your new drinking buddy won’t be at any risk.
It takes the phrase “hair of the dog” to a whole new level…

5. Cat Translator

The Meowlingual is a handheld device that you hold up to your kitty’s face in order to translate his or her meows. It apparently works by analysing your cat’s expressions, movements, sounds, and behaviours which is then categorised into different moods and emotions, and over 200 words of “cat chat”. To be completely honest, I’m not sure if my heart is ready to hear what my cat actually has to say to me…
Genius or purr insanity?


We may not offer some of these strange items, but with over 9,500 pet products and accessories available in our online store, we’re certain that you’ll find what you need at PETWORLD!