The Cat’s Meow – 5 Record-Worthy Felines

The Cat’s Meow – 5 Record-Worthy Felines


It isn’t exactly breaking mews that domestic cats vary when it comes to size and features, but every now and then a real special kitty is discovered and given the honourable title of Guinness World Record holder. And we just love to celebrate these captivating cats!

The Longest Tail

Cygnus the Maine Coon doesn’t just have a long tail, he has a furry weapon! Measuring in at 44.66cm in length, the tail has the potential to cause some catastrophic damage; owners Lauren and Will Powers always have to be on the lookout when walking around or closing doors, and they say Cygnus constantly dips his tail into things.

The Tallest Cat

We’re not really sure what the Powers’ are feeding their pets, but would you believe that they have another record-worthy kitty? Two-year-old Arcturus the Savannah cat reaches 48.4cm and weighs about 13.5kg. He can practically stand at the table to eat! A medium-sized dog door had to be installed to accommodate Arcturus’s mewvements.

The Oldest Cat Ever

In the category of oldest domestic cat ever recorded we have the late Crème Puff. She belonged to owner Jake Perry in Texas, USA, and lived to see the age of 38 (1967-2005)! Interestingly, a previous record-holder, Grandpa, made it to the age of 34 and also belonged to Perry. Perry is known to feed his cats an unusual diet of bacon and eggs, and asparagus among other things, and some experts have wondered if that is what contributed to his cats’ longevity (although this diet definitely isn’t recommended!).

The Longest Cat

Ludo the Main Coon lives with his owner, Kelsey Gill, in the United Kingdom; and is famous for his tremendous length. From his nose to the tip of his tail, the kitty measures in at a purrplexing 118.3cm long! Apparently, Ludo has grown since the Guinness World Records measure him in 2015 and is now closer to 122cm long.

The Shortest Cat

The title of shortest—and purrobably cutest—cat goes to little Lilieput the Munchkin. When measured at the age of nine in 2013, Lilieput came in at just 13.34cm from the floor to her shoulders. Owner Christel Young from USA is a professional pet sitter who found the little kitty as a stray when she was just two years old – she adopted the tiny wonder immediately!

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