Acana & Petworld's Dynamic Partnership: Your Trusted Friends in Pet Nutrition

Acana & Petworld's Dynamic Partnership: Your Trusted Friends in Pet Nutrition

Vanessa LeRoux

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Acana and Petworld, two leading companies committed to delivering top-notch products for your cherished pets. Our joint mission to enhance pet health, happiness, and well-being is driving a groundbreaking partnership that will transform the pet retail landscape and guarantee optimal care for your beloved companions.

A fit puppy that clearly eats Acana Puppy Food

Healthy Nutrition From a Trusted Brand

Acana is renowned for its commitment to crafting premium pet food using the world's finest ingredients. Inspired by the lush farmlands of Alberta, Canada, Acana pet food is made with at least 50% premium animal ingredients and balanced with fruits, vegetables, botanicals, and nutrients. Each recipe is thoughtfully designed to meet your pet's natural nutritional needs.

Their mission represents a new standard in pet food designed to nourish your dog or cat completely, first, according to their natural evolution for a meat - and protein-rich diet. Second, using meats, poultry, eggs, and fish that are ranched, farmed, or fished by trusted suppliers and delivered to their kitchen fresh or raw. With an emphasis on quality and safety, Acana sources healthy ingredients from trusted suppliers and maintains rigorous standards.

Adorable Australian Shepherd with a glossy coat and sparkling eyes all thanks to delicious Acana food.

Pet Care Solutions you can Rely Upon

Petworld shares this dedication to excellence and pet nutrition. As a leading pet retailer in South Africa, Petworld offers an exclusive range of products that cannot be found elsewhere. The company's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for pet care needs ensures that your pets receive the best possible care. Petworld's knowledgeable and friendly teams are extensively trained in pet care and are always ready to assist you in providing first-rate care for your animals. Acana and Petworld pride themselves on providing a holistic approach to pet care that combines premium nutrition with exceptional service and support, ensuring peak health and satisfaction for your beloved pets.

This kitty loves Acana cat food

Dynamic Duo: Delivering Responsible Pet Care

Acana and Petworld hold a special place in their hearts for your pets, and they are excited to serve you and your furry companions as you embark on this journey together. They invite you to bring your pets to Petworld stores, where they will be welcomed with open arms. Pop a collar and leash on, and your pets are ready to visit. With the guidance of Petworld's friendly team, your pets can even choose their Acana treats, ensuring they are happily involved in the shopping experience.

Petworld delivers an unparalleled pet shopping experience, whether you visit one of its welcoming stores or shop online. The partnership between Petworld and Acana is a perfect match, as both companies are committed to excellence, customer satisfaction, quality, nutrition and responsible pet care.