Petworld & Royal Canin: Trailblazers in Feline Nutrition

Petworld & Royal Canin: Trailblazers in Feline Nutrition

Vanessa LeRoux

Petworld and Royal Canin have partnered to enhance the well-being of cats in South Africa. Royal Canin, established in 1968, is a trailblazer in feline nutrition. Their expertise in tailored cat food aligns perfectly with Petworld's commitment to excellence. Petworld, a leader in the pet industry, provides an exclusive range of products. Together, Petworld and Royal Canin are dedicated to delivering high-quality, specialized nutrition for cats in South Africa.

Unprecedented Cat Food Selection

Royal Canin's cat food is crafted with carefully selected and blended ingredients, guaranteeing optimal nutrition for cats' overall health and well-being. Royal Canin offers precise nutrition for every stage and condition, from kittens to adult cats, from hairball control to sensitive digestion. These formulas are not only nutritious but also easy to digest, promoting digestive health and maximizing nutrient absorption. By partnering with Petworld, cat owners can easily find the right formula for their feline companion's specific needs.

The Royal Canin cat food range as available at Petworld South Africa

Forward-thinking Feline Advancement

In addition to providing exceptional cat food, Petworld and Royal Canin share a deep commitment to animals. While Petworld focuses on fostering a community that's all about advancing cats' wellness and welfare, Royal Canin's dedication is to being a purpose-led organization. What matters to them is just how much cats make the world a better place.

Two cute tri-colour kittens relaxing after enjoying a bowl of Royal Canin Kitten food.

Because Your Cat's Health Matters Now

Cat owners can rely on Petworld and Royal Canin for comprehensive solutions to their pet care needs. The knowledgeable teams at Petworld stores, extensively trained in domestic pet care, are ready to assist customers in providing the best possible care for their cats. By offering Royal Canin's tailored nutrition options, Petworld enables cat owners to make informed decisions regarding their feline companion's diet and overall health.

Cats love Royal Canin cat food

Industry Titans Converge for the Future

As Petworld and Royal Canin venture into the future of pet shopping, both in-store and online, their partnership reinforces their commitment to serving customers and their precious feline companions. Cat parents are encouraged to bring their cats to Petworld stores, where they can explore the exclusive range of Royal Canin products and even strut their stuff in a new collar and leash set.

Two grey cats with sparkling eyes, obviously from enjoying delicious Royal Canin cat food.

Petworld & Royal Canin Feline Care Trajectory

Petworld and Royal Canin are dedicated to helping you provide the best care for your feline companion, steering us towards an even healthier, happier future together. To learn more about Royal Canin cat food and discover the perfect formula for your cat, visit Petworld's stores or explore their website. Additionally, consulting with a Petworld team member can provide valuable insights and guidance on selecting the ideal Royal Canin formula based on your cat's specific needs.