Beach Essentials for your Dog

Beach Essentials for your Dog


With summer just around the corner, we all love spoiling our puppies with walks on the beach. At Petworld we have some of the best accessories to ensure that your dogs have a great time running around on the sand. 

Car Seat 

Keeping your dogs safe on the way to the beach is so easy with this car seat. This seat can attach either to the passenger seat, or the back seat, and it is equipped with an attachable leash that you can connect to your pup’s harness. The car seat will also prevent them from getting sand all over your car on the way back. 

Training Treats 

Teaching your dog how to play fetch can be difficult. All dogs love these little training treats by Royal Canin. They’re healthy, low calorie treats on top of that. These are the perfect treats to help teach your dog to be obedient while you’re at the beach. 

Tennis Balls 

You can’t go to the beach without something to play fetch with. These tennis ball packs contain 12 balls each. They are designed to be durable against dog’s chewing and playing. 

Tennis Ball Launcher 

If you get tired of throwing tennis balls for your dog to go and fetch, you could always invest in one of these tennis ball launchers. These can launch tennis balls far enough for your dog to chase. Dogs can spend tons of time and energy playing fetch with this toy. 

Kong Safestix 

All dogs love wooden sticks. However, with sharp ends and splinters, wooden sticks can pose some risks to them. Kong created the perfect solution with safestix, a bendy, durable stick with rounded ends that won’t hurt your dogs. It also can be the perfect fetch toy on the beach. They also come in different sizes and colours. 


Larger dogs love to play fetch with frisbees. This one is created just for that exact purpose. It’s built from durable materials, so it won’t be destroyed quickly. It also has built-in LEDs which are ideal for nighttime play.