Best Treats for Birds

Best Treats for Birds


We love keeping our feathered friends happy and entertained. However, we need to ensure that we always give them healthy treats that won’t cause long term health problems. Here at Petworld, we have a wide variety of great treats that your birds will love. 

Unshelled Peanuts 

Peanuts are a staple diet for birds. It’s extremely healthy and it’s a snack that can keep them entertained for hours. We offer up to 2 kilograms per pack of this nutritious treat. Unshelled peanuts are a quick and easy snack for your birds. You can also use it to refill depleted toys. 

Peanut Barrel 

The peanut barrel is a fantastic treat feeder that will keep your bird mentally stimulated for hours. This treat toy encourages their natural foraging behaviour in the wild. The barrel is made from natural, bird friendly materials, which means that it is safe for your bird to chew. 

Shelled Nuts 

Shelled nuts can be a great treat for your bird. It slows down the eating process since they need to get through the shell before being able to eat. This prevents any overfeeding. These shelled nuts will also replicate their natural foraging behaviour, and they will work for their food, just like in the wild. 

Tropical Seed Bell 

The tropical seed bell features a variety of seeds and grains. These are all packed full of healthy nutrients, making it a great treat that will keep your birds entertained for hours. The seed bell can be hanged from the roof or the walls of the cage. It is important to monitor your bird with this toy as they can overfeed on it and gain unhealthy amounts of weight. 

Nut and Fruit Mix  

Birds love these delicious dried fruit and nuts. These treats are fantastic for training but also if you just want to spoil your feathered friend. These treats are not only tasty, but they are also extremely healthy for your birds.