Best Cat Toys

Best Cat Toys


Cats love to sleep. It is estimated that they sleep around 18 hours per day. That is a lot, however, they do still need mental and physical stimulation when during the hours that they are awake. Today we’ll take a closer look at the best cat toys we have on offer at Pet World.

Laser & Feather Toy

This is the perfect automated toy for your kitten. The toy features a laser pointer on one end and a set of feathers on the other. Both elements can keep cats busy for hours but put them together and they can have endless fun. With three different speed settings, you can keep your cat both mentally and physically stimulated, even if you don’t have the time to play with them.

Cat Wellness Centre

Other than playing and sleeping, cats love to groom themselves. This is the ultimate grooming tool for cats. There are several different ridges and brushes they can use to massage and groom themselves. The comfy cushion is great for long afternoon naps, and it will collect any loose hairs. You can also find a top gum stimulator which is great for your kitten’s dental health. This tool can help save your couches and curtains while giving your kitten some well-deserved relaxation time. Overall, this is a must own for any cat lover.

Interactive Super Circuit

The super circuit is the ideal toy for active kittens who love to chase and hunt. The circuit is designed to stimulate a cat’s natural hunting desire. A ball will move up and down inside the circuit. Naturally, any cat will feel the urge to chase the ball as if it were a mouse. This toy can keep your cats entertained for hours in a fun and safe manner.

Dangling Butterfly

This dangling butterfly toy is perfect to keep you and your kitten entertained. This is essentially a soft toy on a stick. Cat’s love the fast and jerky movements, and it can stimulate their need to hunt and chase moving objects. It can be the ideal way to spend some time with your cats.

Flashing Cat Ball

All cat owners know that their pets are nocturnal and love to play at night. Sometimes it can become a bit much. These balls are perfect for playing at night. They have a flashing light inside, which will turn on once the ball is moved. Your cats will be entertained while you can stay sound asleep.