Our Best Accessories For Your Bird Cage

Our Best Accessories For Your Bird Cage


Birds are precious pets and fantastic companions. We want them to have the happiest and healthiest lives while they live with us. Bird cage accessories are essential to keeping your feathery friends happy

  1. Flexible Rope Perch

This perch is made from a strong but flexible rope. Not only will it offer your bird a place to sit and rest, but it can also double as a swing. Domestic birds spend a lot of their time sitting down since they are caged in. however, this perch will give them physical stimulation even while they are sat down for long periods of time

2. Shower Perch

Bathing and grooming are an essential part of a bird’s daily routine. This shower perch can offer your bird the experience of bathing itself in the rain. It is also a useful tool that will help them to cool down during hot summers.

3. Ladder Perch

This ladder perch can be placed on the roof or the sides of your bird cage. The ladder will offer them countless hours of fun and exercise as they work their way up and down it. It’s a useful accessory to keep your birds busy even when you do not have time to attend to them.

4. Tube Toy

The parrot tube toy offers fantastic physical and mental stimulation for your birds. It features paper wrapped in lattice rope which is nestled in in difficult to reach areas. They will be mimicking their natural behaviour in the while as they peck and chew to get into the toy. This toy also offers a bell which can keep birds amused as they play around with it.

5. Parrot Playground

If your bird is extremely active and has a lot of energy, the parrot playground might be the perfect accessory for their cage. This toy has a variety of perches, ladders, and swings that your bird can play around on. It also comes with an interactive ball that they can try to catch.

6. Parrot Toy Ball

This simple ball toy is the perfect cure for boredom when it comes to domesticated birds. The ball is lightweight which makes it much harder for them to catch. Its weight makes it a safe toy for them to play with, and they won’t hurt themselves while moving it around.