Breed-Specific Cat Nutrition: Exploring the Petworld & Royal Canin Collaboration

Breed-Specific Cat Nutrition: Exploring the Petworld & Royal Canin Collaboration

Vanessa LeRoux

Petworld, a leading pet store in South Africa, is proud to announce its partnership with Royal Canin, a brand renowned for its commitment to providing tailored nutrition for every cat. This partnership brings together Petworld's dedication to enhancing the lives of pets and their parents and Royal Canin's expertise in creating precise formulas tailored specifically for each cat breed.

Petworld's Vision for Vibrant Pet Lives

With a forward-looking approach and an unwavering focus on building a brighter future, Petworld is committed to revolutionizing the pet shopping experience and shaping a better tomorrow. Their mission is fuelled by the conviction that their commitment to this will positively impact the lives of their customers and their pets.

A perfect example of the Sphynx cat breed. Beed-specific Sphynx cat food is available from Royal Canin<br>

Petworld: Your Destination for Royal Canin's Breed-Specific Nutrition

Petworld takes pride in presenting an exclusive range of products, including Royal Canin's breed-specific cat food. Their dedicated pledge to excellence ensures that their products maintain the highest standards of quality. They diligently strive to fulfil every customer’s requirements, offering comprehensive solutions for their pet care needs.

All About the Dynamic Duo Your Cat Deserves:

  • The teams at Petworld are extensively trained and possess thorough knowledge regarding the optimal care of cats.

  • The partnership with Royal Canin allows Petworld to offer a range of breed-specific cat food that caters to the unique nutritional needs of each breed.

  • Their primary objective is to assist you in providing the best care for your cats with Royal Canin's breed-specific foods.

  • Being knowledgeable, accessible, and helpful to their customers is Petworld's most important guiding principle.

The Royal Canin cat food range as available at Petworld South Africa

Understanding Cat Breeds: The Royal Canin Approach

For fifty years, Royal Canin has dedicated itself to understanding the unique nutritional and health needs of cat breeds around the world. They conduct extensive studies on breed-specific traits and work with a network of nutrition and veterinary experts to create precise formulas tailored specifically for each breed. From facial and jaw structure to skin and coat type, every detail is considered so that each cat receives the nutrition it needs to thrive.

They also provide tailored nutrition for kittens, understanding that these young pets have different nutritional needs than adult cats. For those cats who are of mixed breed, parents can look at what breeds they are mixed with and feed them the appropriate breed-specific food.

Royal Canin's Breed-Specific Brands:

Feline Breed-Specific Nutrition
Cat Breed Adult Kitten Wet Food
Maine Coon * * *
Persian * *  
British Shorthair *    
Siamese *    
Sphynx *    

Feline Fit: Exact Nutrition Formulations

Their approach to tailored nutrition involves formulating each recipe to deliver the exact level of natural antioxidants, vitamins, fibre, prebiotics, and minerals that are essential to your cat's unique health needs. Recognizing that these pets have individual nutritional requirements due to their specific breed traits means that every cat, regardless of their breed, can have a diet that is specifically designed to support their best possible health.

Beautiful brown Maine Coon cat sits amongst the flowers after eating a bowl of tasty Maine coon breed-specific cat food from Royal Canin.

Animal Welfare: Petworld's Promise to Paws and People

At Petworld, they go beyond being a store by fostering a community around a shared passion for pets. Central to their mission is their promise to animal welfare, which is why they actively collaborate with local animal shelters. They strive to provide a supportive and caring environment for these animals, ensuring their well-being and ultimately finding them loving forever homes.

A Healthy cat about to eat Royal Canin Cat Food

Boosting the Help that Pets Give to Human Health

The Royal Canin Foundation gives financial and organizational support for projects worldwide, boosting the help pets give to human health and welfare. Those projects cover three key areas: the health and welfare of working cats and pets supporting human and medical health. This revolutionary foundation is concrete proof of Royal Canin's commitment to being a purpose-led organization. What matters is just how much cats make the world a better place.

Petworld and Royal Canin: Where Heartfelt Research Finds its Home

The partnership between Petworld and Royal Canin offers a comprehensive approach to feline nutrition. The team at Royal Canin never stop learning and never take anything for granted. That’s why they collaborate with leading scientific, veterinary and behavioural experts and maintain an ongoing dialogue with cat parents worldwide.

Beautiful grey Persian cat looking forward to some tasty and nutritious breed-specific Royal Canin cat food.

From Your Home to Our Hearts

With Petworld and Royal Canin, your cats hold a special place in their hearts and always will. As they venture into the future of pet shopping, both in-store and online, they are committed to serving you and your precious companions. They invite you to bring your cattos to the Petworld stores, where they may even choose some catnip! They are excited to meet them, so simply put a lead and harness set on them, and they're ready for a visit.