Dreamy Dog Beds: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Dog Beds in South Africa

Dreamy Dog Beds: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Dog Beds in South Africa

Vanessa LeRoux

Why Does a Dog Need A Bed & Why do we Need Them to Have a Bed?

Why Indeed:

Dog beds are not just about the undeniable cuteness factor. What's more adorable than your pooch reclining in splendour? (Answer: two doggos snuggled up on a luxurious, tastefully proportioned bed of your choosing!) The variety of beds available is vast, ensuring you can find one that caters to your dog's comfort and aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

But let's delve into the real question: why does your dog need a bed? Sure, they seem to be able to snooze just about anywhere. However, there are several crucial reasons why your canine companion needs a cosy corner of their own.

young golden mix lies on bed looking contemplative in a pair of glasses with book.

The Pooch's Peaceful Place: Understanding Dog Psychology

First up: they need a place to call, well, home within your home. It all comes down to the psycho-dog-ology (It's a mouthful, I know!). Yip, your hound needs a safe place, somewhere warm and inviting, in the house that exclusively belongs to them.

A Space for Rest and Reflection

After a bustling day filled with barking, playing and the occasional begging, they need a retreat. Sometimes they need a spot to process their thoughts, contemplate the day's adventures, and plan their next escapades, ready for whatever comes their way - hopefully a delicious bit of wors, but I digress. Next up: Reason two.

brown husky sprawled out on white kitchen tiles

Canine Health HQ - The Advantages of Dog Beds

Next on the list: health matters. It's simply not beneficial for your beloved pupperoos to sleep on the floor. I hear you thinking, 'But they seem to enjoy it'! True, some dogs might appreciate the cool sensation of a tile floor, or maybe they're large breeds who find sprawling out on the floor the most comfortable. But don't worry, there are bed solutions for these scenarios, which we'll explore later.

The Value of a Dog Bed: From Puppies to Seniors

However, the crux of the matter is that growing pups with developing bones and senior dogs with arthritis or joint conditions like hip dysplasia need the support and warmth a bed offers. A bed provides a safer sleeping spot than a couch or your bed, which your dog might struggle to climb onto. And let's not forget our adult dogs, aged one to seven, who deserve comfort and, of course, a space of their own!

corgi lies in grass licking its lips on a summer's day

Garden Debris Defense - How Dog Beds Protect Your Bed

Lastly, dog beds are excellent for all concerned, particularly your dog - which we've established; because they keep your bed nice and clean. The invasion of dog fur, mud, leaves, and sticks tracked in from the garden doesn't land up in your bed. Possibly impolite to mention, but many canine companions drool a lot, munch on biscuity treats and meaty bones and have a habit of grooming themselves in ways we'd rather not think about...

Avoid the Tedium

Doesn't it sound better for them to partake in all these canine activities on their own beds? Plus, most dog beds are machine washable, or one can keep them clean by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Changing your bed linen every five minutes is a tedious bore.

Day Loungers for Nighttime Co-Sleepers

Of course, if your dog is a nighttime co-sleeper, consider a dog bed as a day lounger. Your dog will love to snooze the day away while you sidestep most of their general doggy mess. Don't forget your hound still needs her space, off the floor, in a cosy and supportive bed.

yorkie pup snuggles in purple plush bed

Chronicles of Comfort and Style: How to Choose the Right Dog Bed

Given that our canine companions clock in an average of 17 hours of sleep per day, for many of us, their comfort comes first and our décor second. Although your dog's well-being is always at the forefront of any life decision you make, let's momentarily shift our focus to your décor and lifestyle. Ideally, you want a bed that harmonizes with your colour palette. You need a bed that aligns with your interior design taste and reflects your values.

Values? You may well ask.

Think about it, if you're a rugged outdoorswoman who values a healthy lifestyle, you might be drawn to a robust earth-toned bed that's sturdy enough for the great outdoors, i.e., your stoep or near the braai! Or, you could be a stickler for tidiness who appreciates clean lines, uniformity, less-is-more kind of feel; a utilitarian stretcher bed may be your go-to choice. So, you see, values are important too.

Bolster or Bust: Choosing the Right Dog Bed

Now that we have noted these guiding principles, it's time to ponder what bed would best fit the size of your dog. Don't stint here; a wise approach is to opt for a bed that's one size larger than what you initially deem suitable for your dog.

Remember that no one likes a good stretch-outed nap better than a dog. Naturally, your pooch might have personal preferences in the matter that must be accounted for. Does he or she prefer a mattress-style bed, or is a bolster the order of the day?

a trail of coins leading up to a black piggy bank

Dog Bed Economics: Understanding the Costs

There are a whole host of other bed-choosing parameters on the table. As we look at the various bed styles, you can muse on what would best suit your dog and you — Here's another tip: don't be taken aback by the price tags on dog beds.

The choices we'll examine in this article are exceptionally well-crafted, cleverly and tastefully designed, and made with premium quality materials. This guide will help you understand the diverse types of these dog beds and their corresponding benefits.

glass scale with blue measuring tape on top.

The Right Size Bed for Your Dog

The key to finding the right size dog bed to fit your dog starts here:

Step One:

Keep in mind your dog should be standing on all four feet. Measure from the tip of the nose to the top of their tail. Add roughly 30cm to make sure they have plenty of space.

Step Two:

While your dog is standing, measure from their paws to the top of the head. This measurement will allow you to see the amount of space your pooch takes up while lying comfortably. Add approximately 30cm to ensure they have enough room to move around.

Step Three:

Note your dog's breed or similar breed in this size chart to determine the size of bed they will need.

Recommended Dog Bed Sizes
Extra Small 0.5 - 4.9kg 46 x 61cm Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua
      Maltese Pomeranian
Small 5 - 11.9kg 53 x 76cm Dachshund Pug
      Boston Terrier Shih Tzu
Medium 12 - 18kg 61 x 91cm Staffordshire Bull Terrier Beagle
      Mini Schnauzer Scottish Terrier
      French Bulldog Cocker Spaniel
Large 18 - 32kg 71 x 107cm Basset English Bulldog
      Welsh Corgi Border Collie
      Boxer Springer Spaniel
Extra Large 32 - 60kg 76 x 122cm Labrador Siberian Husky
      Golden Retriever German Shepherd
      Rottweiler Standard Poodle
XXLarge 61 - 90kg 81.3 x 150cm Newfoundland St Bernard
      Great Dane Great Pyrenees
      Bernese Mountain Dog Boerboel

The Big Dogs: The Best Dog Bed Styles and Leading Brands

The major South African dog bed brands are Dog's Life, Wagworld and Rogz. These companies do cover most, but not all, of the bed styles featured here. I'll mention the beds' names and brands where applicable. The quality of these beds is globally competitive, and the detailing lends them charm and panache. Let's take a look at what kind of beds are available on the market.

husky mix lies in grey bed on wooden floor

Fetching the Facts: A Detailed Dive into Dog Beds

I. The Basket Bed Debate: Wicker, Plastic or Plush?

Wicker baskets: A versatile, Decorative Option

Wicker is the term used for all woven dog beds, either woven in rattan, osiers, banana leaf, water hyacinth, Malawi cane or Lloyd Loom. You can find these at roadside stalls or available from upmarket custom furniture purveyors.

A wicker basket requires sturdy fitted cushioning on the base and around the sides, ensuring your doggo is snug as a bug in a rug. You could also use an oversized, soft cushion to achieve the same result—an opportunity to further accentuate the décor of your home.

Plastic Baskets: A Practical, Easy-to-Clean Solution

Plastic baskets are a dime a dozen, but all are not created equal. A plastic basket needs to incorporate three elements to do the job it's designed for. Firstly the plastic needs to be thick, sturdy and durable. Next, it must have feet, either integrated into the sides or added as separate components. Lastly, it ideally needs ventilation holes.

A cushion or pillow, not just a blanket, is required and should provide adequate cushioning around the basket's interior. Ultra easy to clean with a simple wipe down and a spin in the wash for the cushion cover.

cute long-haired chihuahua in plush pink bed.

Plush Baskets: A Dreamy, Comfortable Haven

A plush basket is the stuff of doggy dreams. Your loyal four-legged friend will enjoy a restorative sleep each time they nestle into one. In fact, there's always the chance they may never emerge from such a warm and cosy haven. Place the bed in your doggo's fav spot, and you have a recipe for pure bliss.

The Alba round plush bed from Flamingo is soft plush and filled with polyester fibre. Its anti-slip bottom prevents floor scratches and sliding, and the cushion can be hand washed.

pile of earth-toned pillows perfect for a dog's bed

II. Pillow Talk: The Lowdown on Dog Cushions and Pillows

The guide to cushions and pillows is pretty straightforward. They range from lightweight to heavy-duty and are conveniently portable and easy to clean. In most cases, unzip the cover or wipe with a damp cloth. The lightweight poly-cotton encasing with a soft pillowy interior can be paired with baskets and elevated dog beds to boost comfort.

Sturdy canvas cushions, like Wagworld's K9 Camper, offer hardwearing strength, inside/outside (under the porch or afdak) versatility and are easy to keep clean. Let's zoom in on this standout bed.

wagworld k9 camper with sheltie on top on the patio

The K9 Camper in a Nutshell - Eco-Friendly, Waterproof, Tough

It's tough and durable, ready for drool, slobber, puppy accidents, muddy paws, wet bums and all-around dirty doggy messes. Because the K9 Camper is waterproof, it deters the proliferation of fleas and other mites, making it a healthy choice for dogs in South Africa. The pillow is filled with recycled poly-cotton fibre which offers excellent support and insulation from the cold and is eco-friendly. The bed is heavy, which keeps it securely in place, but it does feature a handle for portability.

It's made in three sizes, most notably the "Huge" size, which is 135cm in length, making it suitable for larger dogs like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Labs and Golden Retrievers. To clean, simply wipe it down with a soapy cloth and then give it a quick spray with the hose.

sheltie lies on large blue and charcoal futon on stoep

III. The Canvas Futon: A Bed That's As Supportive As it Is Chic

Possibly the last word in easy-breezy style and glamour, strictly for the posh pooch in your life. Chic canvas futons not only look like an attractive addition to your décor, but they are also large and offer excellent weight support, making them ideal for bigger dogs that may have joint concerns or arthritis. The Canvas Futon from Wagworld covers all these bases and more.

The Canvas Futon: Perfect for Dogs Who Love to Sprawl

The cover has a durable linen-look canvas fabric on one side and a water-resistant, ripstop fabric underneath to ensure a comfy bed that generally takes the knocks of everyday wear and tear. The water-resistant inner pillow cover will protect the inner pillow against little accidents or wet feet and bottoms.

As with all of Wagworld's bigger beds, the pillows are filled with recycled poly-cotton fibre, ensuring outstanding support and insulation against the cold. The good-looking and highly functional canvas futon bed's "Huge" size is 125cm, making it suitable for dogs who like a little relaxing sprawl now and then. Please note the picture above of the bed with a charming model that illustrates its largest size.

Two Samoyeds walking down the road panting in the sun.

IV. Beat the Heat: Cooling Beds for Your Hot Dog

These special padded beds are designed to stay cool and keep your dog refreshed in the warm weather. It's easy for dogs to overheat even at night. If you see typical signs of overheating in your dog, like excessive panting, red gums, drooling, salivating, and stopping or slowing down on walks, you need to take action, and the cooling bed will go a long way to restoring comfortable body heat.

This is particularly relevant for double-coated breeds, but during the peak of summer, even short-coated dogs can get uncomfortably hot. These cooling pads can be popped into the fridge to tailor-make their effectiveness using a variety of cooling strengths. The cooling mats will stay cool for about 4 to 6 hours.

neat pile of different size blue cooling mats from Flamingo

The Flamingo Fresk Cooling Pad: Easy Cleaning, Easy Packing, Easy Comfort

The Flamingo Fresk cooling pad is made from easy-to-clean, wipe-down nylon. It can be used in beds, on floors, outside and in cars and can be easily folded to be chilled or packed away. There are even tales of a few clever canines who've been known to patiently wait outside the cupboard housing their mats when the hot weather arrives.

Other strategies for keeping your hound dog cool are providing shade, filling up a paddling pool, covering them with a wet towel, and using a fan. Bearing in mind that an entire night of cooling conditions may be too much as their body temperature returns to normal.

Doberman sits on stretcher bed in front of the fire.

V. Elevate Their Comfort: The Advantages of Raised Stretcher Beds for Dogs

These consist of a sturdy metal or wood frame designed to rest stably without excessive movement. The bed itself is constructed of canvas stretched across this frame. The outcome is a bed that doesn't have pressure points like some other beds, which makes them similar to the canvas futon, ideally suited for senior dogs, dogs with hip and joint issues and recuperating pups who need pressure-free support.

Keeping Your Thick-Coated Dogs Cool

Thanks to their well-ventilated design with airflow beneath, they serve as effective cooling beds in the summer - a boon for thick-coated dogs. They're perfect for inside and outside on the patio, but if you're thinking of them as a full-time bed, you will want to get a pillow for your dog to rest their head against and a mat or blanket for extra comfort.

Easy to Clean and Perfect for Large Breeds

Easy to clean and keep hygienic, just scrub down with soap and an antibacterial like Savlon and rinse off with the hose. Pop in a sunny spot, and they're ready and dry in a couple of hours or so. In terms of size, they can accommodate surprisingly large breeds of dogs, and more than one small or medium dog can share a bed.

great dane standing up with paws on girl's shoulders.

VI. Big Dog, Big Bed: Finding the Perfect Fit for Large and Giant Dogs

For those of us who are proud parents of a gentle giant like a St Bernard (91kg), a Great Dane (90kg), a Boerboel (91kg), a Newfie (a petite 68kg) or a Rotty (60 kgs - the minor leagues) and the biggest of all, the English Mastiff regularly tipping the scales at well over 100kgs, and anything in between, it's time to go for gold!

Ensuring Comfort for Your Behemoth

Splash out and secure the largest bed you can find; go online if your local pet store falls short. It's outsize all the way! Your behemoth will love you for it every day as he snoozes comfortably in a bed that's just the right size for him. A comfy blanket will be no problem as the Flamingo Fleece Sleepy Bones blanket is 150 x 130cm which will do the trick.

When a Dog Bed Isn't Enough:

The largest beds typically measure 1.5m in length, but this may not be enough. In this case, a single bed mattress is really the only viable option unless you want to belly up to a 3/4 bed! Good luck!

The Rogz Nova Cave Bed brown

VII. Cave Beds: The Perfect Pup Retreat

The Rogz Nova Cave Bed

A fun and cosy bed that blends seamlessly into any home with appealing natural colours. This burrow dog bed has a soft inner cushion, altogether a perfect hideout on those winter days. The Nova Cave Bed is filled with 100% safe, non-toxic, recycled plastic bottles, making it comfortable, durable, and planet-friendly. It features an easy-to-remove cushion leaving the cover machine-washable. Suitable for doggos from 8kg to 70kg.

husky lies on a dark blue orthopaedic dig bed in the lounge

VIII. Experience the Difference: Orthopaedic Beds for Happy and Healthy Dogs

These beds are fantastic for dogs grappling with joint problems, arthritis, mobility challenges and general stiffness from old age. The memory foam provides the ideal balance of support while keeping your senior citizen at ease. They feature super soft, pressure-point relieving padding and are available either flat or with bolsters for an added dimension of comfort and security. Orthopaedic beds deliver the following advantages:

  • Beneficial and relaxing for the spinal column and joints

  • Memory foam adapts to the shape of the dog's body; this allows for mattress personalisation, further enhancing the bed's effectiveness

  • Ideal for all dogs, especially senior dogs with hip or joint issues, working dogs as well as dogs with genetic issues or in convalescence

IX. Walled Waterproof Beds: Amping Up Cleanliness with Stain-Repellent Tech

Walled beds are designed for your bestie to have a comfortable spot to bed down for the night or a long snooze-eroo during the day. Many are waterproof or water-resistant. Although, it's not a great idea to soak or submerge them as water can creep through the stitching and waterlog the cushion.

Dog's Life Premium Country Bed in olive and blue.

The Dog's Life's Premium Country Waterproof Bed: A Blend of Resilience, Comfort and Aesthetics

A prime example is the Dog's Life's Premium Country Waterproof Bed, which is not only waterproof but provides superior comfort for your dog while making a fashion statement in your home. The sides are made of a durable waterproof 300/600 polyester Oxford outdoor treated polyester boasting water & stain resistance features.

Reversible Centre Cushion and Heavy-Duty Fabric

The centre cushion provides extra comfort and is reversible, featuring a summer material on one side and fluffy coral fleece on the other. The base is a heavy-duty, waterproof 300/600 denier fabric to protect the bed from accidents or spills.

Making Dog Bed Relocation Easy with Handles

The bed features handles for easy carrying. Perhaps your pooch prefers following the sun in the wintertime or would like her bed in a shaded spot away from the windows in the summertime.

X. A Closer Look at the WagWorld Cupcake: Versalite and Reversible

The WagWorld Cupcake Pet Bed

The Cupcake is an interesting idea for a bed. It serves as the perfect cosy nook for small to medium size family members. The sides tie up to create a snug little nest or untie for a comfy little mat. It's reversible for a cooler feel in summer. The stylish patterns, colours, and durable fabric make it a charming addition to any room.

This bed boasts a high-quality foam mattress and a removable inner cushion, designed to stay beautiful without losing its shape after numerous washes. Crafted with only the finest materials, the Wagworld Cupcake pet bed has durable poly-cotton on the outside and plush coral fleece on the inside, with a double layer of filling that ensures extra plushness and warmth. It's perfect for a sunny spot, a place on the couch, or even for those holiday getaways.

Cavilier king charles reclining a large poofy brown bed.<br>

XI. The Great Pet Bed Debate: Flat Mattress Beds Vs Bolster Beds:

Let's take a butcher's at a couple of Rogz beds to get the notion of who wins this challenge. Luxurious, soft, durable fabric inspired by home textures and colours characterises these beds. With a 100% eco-filler, you can sleep soundly, knowing you made the right choice to help save the planet. A non-skid base on both prevents the beds from sliding on smooth surfaces. Let's start with the flat mattress bed:

The Rogz Lounge Flat Rectangular Bed

The Rogz Lounge Flat Rectangular Bed: Experiencing Freedom and Comfort

If your furry friend enjoys a comfortable snooze but also values their freedom, this is the bed for them. They can stretch, sprawl, and lounge to their heart's content on this soft, comfy flat mattress bed. It comes with a handle for easy relocation around the house, which is a bonus when it's time for floor cleaning. And maintaining the bed is a cinch; it's machine washable and features a single, easy-to-remove pillow.

On the other hand, a bed with sides or bolsters is often more desired by the canine crew. What's happening with the walled oval bed:

The Rogz Lounge Walled Oval Bed

The Rogz Lounge Walled Oval Bed: Watching the World Go By

If your furry companion desires a cosy spot to curl up and watch the world go by, then this is their dream snooze zone. The Lounge Walled Oval Bed, with its bolstered edges, gives your pet a sense of security as they lean against it for support and extra comfort. They'll fit perfectly into this bed as if it was made just for them.

Rogz's robust outer bolster is crafted from strong, waterproof canvas and filled with recycled shredded fibre, ensuring top-notch quality, durability, and comfort for your pet for years to come. The bed comes with an easy-to-remove centre pillow. Simply hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Decoding Your Dog's Silence: The Key to Their Relaxation and Rest

Both options sound like a ticket to relaxation and rest; perhaps the best approach would be to check with your dog what they prefer. Of course, barring a direct response, you can observe their natural lounging habits on the couch or bed. Who knows, they might just show you their preference without uttering a single woof!

pile of sheepskin beds

XII. Why Sheepskin Beds are the Perfect Match for Your Homebody Hound

Sheepskin beds are not just the latest trend but are also readily available. Plus, they're uber-comfy for your hounds, and they add a dash of chic to your home's décor.

A Snug Sanctuary for Your Pet with Health Benefits

Sheepskin, with its naturally plush and dense fibres, not only creates a snug sanctuary for your pet, but its properties can also help soothe joint discomfort. Thanks to its inherent thermoregulating properties, it's a champ at balancing body temperature and facilitating optimal air circulation. It's naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, contributing to a healthier home for your family.

Cleaning Your Sheepskin Bed: Tips and Tricks for Maintenance

The only slight snag here is that they can be a smidge tricky to clean. Begin with a vigorous shake, then give it a vacuum. Spot cleaning is a possibility; you can also check with your dry cleaner to see if your bed can squeeze into their machines. Odds are, it can. A short-haired dog or a homebody hound would be the dream match for this bed.

XIII. Dog's Life Couch Loungers: Designer Looks with Everyday Practicality

Dog's Life Explorer Sofa. A dog bed that fits onto the couch. Grey and blue.

Dog's Life's Explorer Sofa: The Perfect Spot for Your Dog's Netflix Binge

It's a really stylish bed with a bolster that fits on your couch, allowing your dog to watch Netflix in ultimate comfort. This is the perfect solution to letting your chocolate lab on your expensive cream couch!

Transform Your Room with Dog's Life's Explorer Sofa

Cleaning is hard, but it's an entirely different story with pets in the house! Protect your couch from the everyday wear and tear of pet hair, dirty paws and spills with a Dog's Life's Explorer Sofa with bolster. It provides comfort, style and practicality while your dog is snuggled beside you. Featuring an exclusive quilted pattern, it's also a great way to transform the look of any room.

A Designated Spot for Your Pet

Your pet will have a designated spot on the sofa that they will enjoy, and you can rest assured your sofa cushions will remain clean, muck and odour-free. The water-resistant bottom layer provides extra defence against damage and stains to your upholstery. The three-sided foam-filled bolster offers exceptional comfort for pets and protects the furniture seat back and arms. The extra-long drape helps to protect the front of your furniture too.

Your doggo will love it, and so will you! Better still, the zipped cover makes it easily removable for washing.

Dog's Life Couch Napper dog bed. A comfy cross between a dog bed and an armchair.

Dog's Life Couch Napper: The Ultimate R&R Spot for Your Dog

Possibly one of the best places for some R&R for your dog! Dog's Life Couch Napper Dog Bed range is designed with a big resting cushion at the back for your doggo to enjoy. It's a fun, comfy cross between an armchair and a dog bed.

A thick layer of comfortable batting provides long-lasting support for your dog's bones and joints, keeping your doggo happy and healthy while providing a peaceful night's rest. With Oxford fabric on the side and bottom, your dog will feel cooler during summer and everyday wear and tear won't stand a chance. Oh, and yes, it's sports designer looks.

XIV. Spotlight on the Best Dog Mats

There are a wide variety of dog mats available; we'll take a look at two very different choices:

Plush, thick teal Wagworld Leafy Dog Mat<br>

Wagworld Leafy Mat: The Perfect Day Bed for Your Little Doggeroo

A perfect little day bed for the smaller dogs in the family. It is designed in the shape of a leaf and is available in two different fabrics.

One with a durable linen-look canvas on one side and a water-resistant, rubberised material underneath to reduce slipping and sliding. The other has a plush coral fleece on one side and rubberised fabric underneath.

Whether your little doggeroo prefers cooler canvas or plush fleece, this mat will surely be a winner. Perfect for taking on day or weekend excursions as the mat is light and easy to pack. Recommended for indoor use only.

AiryVest portable, double sided dog mat, blue with jack russel sitting on it.

AiryVest Double-Sided Dog Mat: Your Go-To Companion for On-the-Go Comfort

Anywhere and everywhere on the go! From the back of the car or bakkie, to the park and the beach, to visiting with friends, or even cosying up in a crate, this well-tailored mat is your go-to companion. Plus AiryVest double-sided dog mat folds neatly, or you can roll it up for easy on-the-go action. It even comes with a handy carry bag.

Cavalier Kind Charles Spaniel sitting on brown bed in the kitchen

The Dog Bed Placement Playbook: The Sweet Spot Between Socializing and Snoozing

Striking the perfect balance between your pup wanting to be in the thick of things and craving a quiet spot to snooze can be quite the juggling act. Should the bed be nestled by the fire, in a sunny nook, or on a cool, breezy stoep? You might be tempted to ask your dog directly—just kidding, although they do have a knack for letting us know what they prefer. All you need to do is observe where your dog most loves to lounge and place their bed in that very spot. They'll know exactly where they can be part of the household hustle and bustle and where they can catch a peaceful nap.

Exploring Unique Dog Bed Locations: From the Lounge to the Bookshelf

Of course, there are the usual suspects, like right next to your bed or in the lounge by the couch. Some pooches strike out as individualists and prefer sleeping in unconventional places like under the kitchen or dining room table, on the bottom shelf of your bookshelf, or even on a bed on a couch. As you have read, you do, indeed, get such beds - most stylish too.

Black Labrador snoozing in the sun inside the house on a wooden floor.

Dog Bed Placement for Sun Lovers: Why One Bed May not be Enough

Then there's the roving kind who slavishly follow a sliver of sunshine from one window to the next, curling up in a contented ball while they enjoy the sun until it moves on and they're off to the next spot. The only logical solution here is to invest in more than one bed!

Temperature Matters: How to Choose the Best Spot for Your Dog's Bed

The weather, too, plays a role. It's crucial to be aware of the temperatures and place your dog's bed in the coolest or warmest place. The Rule of thumb? Follow your dog's lead as to where he wants to sleep, watch the weather and ensure your pup is part of the pack, not left out in the cold, socially or temperature-wise.

Little white Maltese sits looking up in an empty green laundry basket.

The Clean Canine: From Spotless to Sanitized

From spraying down with the hose to soap and sanitiser, maintaining your dog's bed is vital. If suitable, spot cleaning or putting the cover in the washing machine will help keep your dog's bed in good shape and prolong its lifespan. Don't forget; each bed comes with its own care instructions, so always consult the manufacturer's guidelines.

English Bulldog napping on the kitchen floor with tongue handing out.

The Dog Bed Diaries: The Final Woof

Picking the perfect bed for your dog is a decision of epic proportions that can dramatically influence their comfort and well-being. By getting to grips with the various types of beds on offer and taking into account your dog's unique needs, you can guarantee that you'll make the top-dog choice for your furry sidekick. Happy hunting, and remember, it's all about fashion and decor, size and comfort, and personal values! It's the least we can do because, let's face it, even our dogs have preferences and a sense of style!