Dead Animals Walking Brings Life: They Will Stop at Nothing to Make a Difference!

Dead Animals Walking Brings Life: They Will Stop at Nothing to Make a Difference!

Vanessa LeRoux

The Dead Animals Walking Rescue Centre (DAW) team's mission is to work their way through poor communities by tackling flea and tick ridden, manged, sick, injured, suffering and unsterilized domestic township animals, as well as misused and misunderstood farm animals by providing a safe haven as well as creating a concerted, cooperative effort between the veterinary profession, the welfare sector (including the SPCA), private and corporate donors and the beneficiary community.

They believe in developing trustworthy relationships with the people whose animals they care for or rehabilitate. Located in Joostenbergvlakte, Durbanville, they have the following ongoing projects in the surrounding farms in their immediate area as well as Klipheuwel, Welbeloond, Malmesbury, Abbottsdale, Moorreesburg and Klapmuts.

Rescue, Relief, Rehabilitation and Re-homing Projects

Rescue Missions: The Dead Animals Walking (DAW) team performs daily missions into the impoverished communities and townships where they rescue the truly hopeless almost lifeless animals. They provide rehabilitation of these rescued animals through the safe haven on their farm and then re-home them.
Educational Programmes: The DAW team tackle this project once a month going into these communities teaching justice, respect and compassion for all life. The destitute often suffer from lack of knowledge which leads to a lack of empathy and compassion for the animals and thus the animals suffer.
Social Upliftment Initiative: On a monthly basis they provide food for the people and their animals in the disadvantaged areas. Their mission is also the upliftment of these communities by providing people with the tools and skills that contribute to their self esteem and help to sustain their families.
Sterilisation Projects: Funds permitting, they do mass sterilizations for as many animals as possible. Their focus is on changing the numbers one by one to reduce over-population, abuse, neglect and homeless animals.
Providing a Safe Haven: For unwanted domestic and farm animals DAW has a haven on their farm for the animals they rescue and work daily to provide them with only the best primary health care, shelter and love that they need and deserve, until they get adopted.

Together Our Community can Bless Them with the Following Donations

As a non-profit organization, DAW is always in need of donations. They believe anyone can contribute to the fight for animal welfare. Whether it be financial donations, volunteering your time and love or just donating food and other items they can use or sell. Here's a list of things desperately needed as they wage war against poverty and the mistreatment of animals:

25kg bags of dog food Deworming tablets Dog kennels
Specialized food for severe cases Tick and flea control Dog blankets or beds
Chicken, rice, and vegetables Supplements Toys and balls
Collars and leads Shampoos and ointments Cleaning Supplies:
Water bowls F10 disinfectants Farm Equipment
Food bowls Vaccinations Building Materials

Open Door Policy to Love and Care for the Animals

As they have an open-door policy, there is no strict criteria to become a volunteer, just the sheer will to help love, care for and run the haven successfully. Your volunteer experience doesn't matter as they will train you in all areas. If you can volunteer, then please call Richelle on 072 298 9086 or email

Dead Animals Walking
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