A Day of Enchantment and Joy: "Dassie's Tale" Enlivens Petworld, Somerset West!

A Day of Enchantment and Joy: "Dassie's Tale" Enlivens Petworld, Somerset West!

Vanessa LeRoux

This past Saturday, the air was filled with excitement and the sound of laughter at Petworld in Somerset West, as the enchanting "Dassie's Tale" unfolded on stage, transporting the audience back to the ancient times of Earth's creation. It was a day where the vibrant tapestry of culture, the rhythm of music, and the magic of storytelling intertwined, creating an uplifting experience for all.

An excited and eager crowd gathered around, enjoying the harmonious blend of isiXhosa and English in the play. The 35 minutes were packed with fun songs, energetic dance moves and adequately silly and engaging antics, making it a memorable day for families, friends, and theatre enthusiasts assembled at Somerset West Petworld.

A Dassie's Tale by Jungle Theatre performed at Petworld Somerset West. The kids and parents watching the exciting, heartwarming story unfold.

Cultural Fusion: Energetic Moves & Fun at Petworld!

The atmosphere was one of happiness, with children and adults alike immersed in the world of imagination and fun. The performers' enthusiasm was contagious, spreading joy and wonder among the audience. The children were not mere spectators but became a part of this magical show, engaging with the performers on stage, bright eyed and full of smiles.

The Dassie's Tale cast of characters hand drwn, colourful comic style poster for the event.

Tales and Tails: The Stirring Story of a Dassie's Disappointment

"Dassie's Tale" unfolds an isiXhosa folktale, illuminating the world crafted aeons ago by Qamata, the revered isiXhosa deity. This world was a sanctuary of peace, a place where every animal, endowed with unique gifts and talents, coexisted in serene harmony.

After shaping the world, "he realised that the animals were missing tails. Qamata called upon Mvundla, the Hare, to deliver a message to all the animals. Qamata gave Mvundla a cute bushy tail as an advance payment for her effort." * The animals were summoned to go up the mountain to present their talents to Qamata and, in return, receive their tails.

The trip to meet Qamata was a joyful spectacle filled with anticipation as every animal honed their skills, eager to please Qamata. He was delighted by their performances, and each animal was bestowed with a tail. The journey back was a triumphant procession, their new tails swaying, symbols of their individual strengths and abilities.

However, fortune did not favour all. iMbila the Dassie, characterised by laziness and deceit, lost his opportunity to gain a tail, a mark of uniqueness and strength. He had chosen laziness over the journey, pretending to be sick. Yet, after witnessing his friends show off their splendid, magnificent tails, he hurried to the mountain, imploring Qamata, but it was futile. Qamata declared: "iMbila you have been lazy. You have lied about being sick. You shall not receive a tail.” "And so, it was and up until today, iMbila the Dassie is left without a tail."*

The backend of three zebras showing their tails like the one's the animals were blessed with in the Jungle Theatre play at Petworld Somerset West

Learning, Laughter, and Lively Beats

This wasn’t merely a play; it was a celebration of culture and diversity, a vibrant spectacle that resonated with the young and the old, revealing the values of hard work, honesty, and self-discovery. It was a reminder that every individual is unique, endowed with their own set of talents, and it is up to each one to discover, nurture, and showcase them.

A Day of Enchantment and Memories

The echoes of the sights and sounds still linger in the air of Somerset West Petworld, a reminder of the enchanting day when "Dassie's Tale" came to life telling the ancient tales of the earth to the laughter of children and the applause of adults.

Lions lazing in a tree showing off their tails just like the did Millenia ago when they were first blessed with tails.

Beyond the Curtain: A Day of Gratitude and Unity at Petworld

We appreciate the partnership with Jungle Theatre, whose work we hold in high regard. The delight and happiness they spread to children everywhere align perfectly with the joy we at Petworld experience when we find forever homes for our furry, finned, and feathered friends. The boundless happiness that pets bring into our lives daily is a testament to the magical creation of our world, reminding us of the blessings we are bestowed with every day.

In heartfelt gratitude, we extend our thanks to Jungle Theatre for bringing "A Dassie's Tale" to life and growing our spirit of unity and our celebration of diversity. The simplicity and power within this tale of tails will remain with us always.

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