Montego Classic On the Go: The Snack Bar That Has Your Dogs Doing the Salsa!

Montego Classic On the Go: The Snack Bar That Has Your Dogs Doing the Salsa!

Vanessa LeRoux

Navigating the treat isles on the quest for the ideal grab-and-gone snack treats for your best friend can often feel like a challenging endeavour. You're on the lookout for something downright tasty, portable, convenient and healthful. Well, the chase is over; hold onto your leashes, pet parents! Montego's Classic On the Go snack bar is here to lead the pack!

Beautiful Saint Bernard waits patiently for a delicious Montego On the Go snack bar.

Montego: The Pet Nutrition Virtuosos

Montego, the virtuosos of pet nutrition, have been orchestrating harmonies of balanced, nutritious, and scrumptious pet food for years. As the range has grown, the formulations and production processes have been refined and perfected. The culmination of this can be found in their Classic range's symphony of original recipes that cause your pets to cheer at the sight of the food bowl.

Products in the Classic range include raw materials that are classified as fit for human consumption; the results ensure consistently delicious flavour, digestibility and complete, balanced nutrition to satisfy the needs (and appetites) of your doggos.

The Snack Bar That Gets Your Dogs Grooving

With all the benefits of the Montego Classic Adult range, this On the Go snack bar provides adult dogs with a delicious between-meal snack in a conveniently portable pack. These aren't just any old treats; they're a culinary fiesta of nutrition and so tasty your dog will be doing the salsa in anticipation!

Whether in the kitchen, out for a walk in the park or on a road trip, this snack bar is perfect for your canine buddy. It's the ideal encore for good behaviour, a tempting incentive when training, or a between-meal snack that will have your hound dog responding the first time, every time.

On the Go Snack Game Stats:

The Montego Classic On the Go snack bar is delicious, mouth-watering roast chicken flavour. It includes two fifty-gram bars in a portable pack for the ultimate grab-and-go convenience. It's packed with protein for energy and Omega 3 and 6 for skin and coat health. But remember, they're not suitable for puppies under six months. Free from soya, MSG and tartrazine because they know you want the best for your dog. Ready to serve:

Small to medium dogs: 1/2 to 2 bars per day

Large to giant dogs: 3 to 6 bars in a day.

Remember they're a snack; keep your doggo on their usual feeding routine. The bars only contain 350 kcal per 100g pack.

Quality That Earns Your Pets' Standing Ovation

As you've read, Montego doesn't just throw any old riff-raff into their Classic range. Oh no, they're the virtuosos of pet nutrition, remember? They only use the finest ingredients, prepared to perfection, in their world-class, pet-approved facility. Next time you're looking for a way to reward your pet or want to give them a snack that will have them wagging their tails in delight, choose Montego's Classic Adult's On the Go snack bar. Your dogs will be begging for a curtain call!