Unleashing Optimal Nutrition: Exploring Royal Canin Medium and Maxi Dry Dog Food

Unleashing Optimal Nutrition: Exploring Royal Canin Medium and Maxi Dry Dog Food

Vanessa LeRoux

As pet parents, we all want the best for our beloved pooches, and that starts with the food we put in their bowls. Royal Canin, a trusted name in the pet nutrition industry, has been leading the way with their research-driven and breed-specific approach to pet food. In this article, we'll explore the world of Royal Canin Medium and Maxi Dry Dog Food products.

These products are designed with the unique needs of medium and large breeds in mind, ensuring our four-legged friends get the nutrition they need to lead happy, healthy lives. So, whether you're a proud parent of an energetic Border Collie or a Golden Retriever, read on to discover how Royal Canin is making mealtime a tail-wagging experience!

Understanding the Medium and Maxi Dog Breeds: The Royal Canin Way

Medium and Maxi dog breeds encompass a wide range of sizes, from 11 to 25kgs and 26 to 44kgs, respectively. These dogs have unique dietary needs due to their body composition, activity levels, and specific health concerns.

Medium-sized dogs are known for their high energy levels. It is essential for them to eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight, glossy coat and strong bones. Royal Canin Medium dog food helps maintain natural defences and sustain the energy levels of a variety of medium-sized dogs.

Large dogs need special nutrition that fits their way of life, including support for a healthy weight and strong joints. Royal Canin recognises these distinctions and has formulated its Medium and Maxi Dry Dog Food products accordingly.

Tailored Nutrition: From Ideal Weight to Coat Condition

Royal Canin has studied the unique health needs of dogs in the minutest of detail. Over that time, they have learnt that the slightest nutritional difference can significantly affect your dog's life and health. Royal Canin Medium and Maxi Dry Dog Food products are crafted with a deep understanding of the nutritional needs of these breeds. The formulas are designed to support their overall well-being, promoting a healthy weight, joint health, digestion, immune system and coat condition.

a) Ideal Body Weight:

Obesity is a common concern for Medium and Maxi breeds. Royal Canin's carefully selected ingredients and portion control aim to maintain an ideal body weight, preventing excessive strain on joints and ensuring a long, active life. Maxi food features a 30% lower calorie content in the same volume of food to help promote weight loss without any food restrictions.

b) Joint Health:

Larger breeds often experience joint issues due to their size and weight. Royal Canin includes ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health and reduce the risk of conditions such as osteoarthritis.

c) Digestive Support:

Sensitive digestion can be a challenge for some Medium and Maxi breeds. Royal Canin incorporates highly digestible proteins, prebiotics, and a balanced intake of fibres to promote healthy digestion, ensuring nutrient absorption and optimal gut health. This food also features a special size, shape and texture of kibble to aid in palatability

d) Immune System Support:

A robust immune system is crucial for dogs' overall health and longevity. Royal Canin incorporates a precise blend of antioxidants and essential nutrients to support a robust immune system, reducing the risk of infections and other illnesses.

e) Coat Condition:

Medium and Maxi Dry Dog Food formulas are enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA-DHA) to help maintain healthy skin, a shiny coat and overall health.

Fit dog eyeing out the Royal Canin dog food range

Where Quality Ingredients Meet Expert Nutrition

Royal Canin places great emphasis on sourcing top-tier ingredients for their Medium and
Maxi Dry Dog Food products. They conduct rigorous testing to ensure their products meet
stringent quality and safety standards. By prioritising ingredient value, Royal Canin aims to
provide the best possible nutrition for dogs.

Pioneering Nourishment Through Science and Research

Royal Canin's commitment to scientific research and innovation is at the core of its product development. They work closely with veterinarians, breeders, and nutritionists to understand the unique needs of Medium and Maxi breeds. Through ongoing research, they continually refine their formulas to optimise nutrition and meet the changing demands of dog owners.

Having just enjoyed a bowl of Royal Canin Maxi, this handsome collie is ready for action.

Switching to Royal Canin? Your Guide to a Smooth Transition

To ensure a smooth transition to Royal Canin Medium and Maxi Dry Dog Food products, following the recommended feeding guidelines is essential. These guidelines take into account factors such as age, weight, and activity level. If transitioning from another brand, it is advisable to do so gradually over a few days to minimise any digestive upset. The idea is to reduce the amount of the dog's current brand of food by 25% daily and thus increase the portion size of Royal Canin by 25% per day until 100% of the food is Royal Canin Medium or Maxi.

Product Profiles: Medium and Maxi Dry Dog Food

Food Weight of Dog Age of Dog Bag Weights
Medium Adult 11 to 25kg 12 months to 7 years 4kg & 15kg
Medium Adult 7+ 12 to 25kg 7 years and over 10kg
Maxi Adult 26-44kg 15 months to 5 years 4kg & 15kg
Maxi Adult 5+ 26-44kg 5 years and over 15kg

Adult Medium and Maxi Plus: Ageing Gracefully

For those doggos getting on a bit, Royal Canin has developed the Medium 7+ and the Maxi 5+. Both feature Vitality Support which is an adapted content of nutrients to help maintain vitality in medium and large-breed dogs facing the first signs of ageing. In addition to the various nutritional values found in all Medium and Maxi dog food products, they contain an exclusive complex of antioxidants to help neutralise free radicals.

A yellow lab patiently waiting for his favourite food, a bowl of Royal Canin Maxi!

Game-Changers: Royal Canin's Breed-Specific Diet

In the world of pet nutrition, one size certainly does not fit all. That's why Royal Canin's Medium and Maxi Dry Dog Food products are such game-changers. Tailored to the specific needs of medium and large breeds, these products offer a balanced diet that supports everything from joint health to a shiny coat. With Royal Canin, you're not just filling your dog's bowl with food but with science-backed, breed-specific nutrition designed to keep their tails wagging for years to come. After all, our pets are family, and they deserve nothing but the best. So, here's to happier, healthier meal times with Royal Canin!