Perfectly Paired for Paws & Purrs: Mixing Royal Canin's Breed-Specific Wet and Dry Meals

Perfectly Paired for Paws & Purrs: Mixing Royal Canin's Breed-Specific Wet and Dry Meals

Vanessa LeRoux

This exceptional range of pet food takes into account breed and any underlying health issues. From facial and jaw structure to skin and coat type, every detail is considered so that each dog and cat receives the nutrition it needs to thrive.

A fury, healthy kitten that loves eating Royal Canin cat food

Royal Canin's Breed-Specific Dry and Wet Formulas Come in the Following Combinations:

Royal Canin Breed-Specific Dry and Wet Combo Formulas for Canines and Felines:
Canine: Feline:
Chihuahua Maine Coon
Dachshund British Shorthair - Sensory Range
Pomeranian Sphynx - Sensory Range
Poodle Persian - Sensory Range
Yorkshire Terrier Siamese - Sensory Range

A happy doggo sprints across the grass headed for a delicious bowl of Royal Canin Pomeranian dry and wet food combo meal.

Two Worlds, One Bowl: The Benefits and How-tos of Mixed Feeding

Both types of feed have their pros and cons, which is why pet owners are increasingly choosing to combine them. This is a good solution that can bring many benefits.

Combining both wet and dry pet foods offers a balanced approach many pet parents appreciate. This blend capitalizes on the unique benefits of each type, ensuring our furry friends get the best of both worlds. Here is some info on how to combine the two most effectively.

Serving It Right: Royal Canin's Approach to Portion Control

Royal Canin's tailored nutrition often provides breed-specific portion recommendations. Given the caloric differences between wet and dry foods, transitioning isn't as straightforward as swapping equal measures. Hence, when considering mixed feeding, it's essential to refer to the guidelines on the dog and cat food packages for accurate portion control.

From First Bite to Full Transition: The Gentle Approach

Switching a pet's diet, be it a dog or cat, requires a gentle touch. While our four-legged companions might seem like they have iron stomachs, they can be surprisingly delicate when it comes to dietary changes.

To ensure their digestive systems cope well, it's advised to introduce new foods progressively. Starting with a sprinkle of the new diet on the first day and gradually increasing its proportion over a week can make the transition smoother. By the seventh day, your pet should comfortably enjoy the final mix of the new diet.

Mixing Meals: The Wet-Dry Combo on Your Terms

There's no strict rule to serve wet and dry foods together. Dry food, with its longer shelf life and milder scent, is perfect for leaving out during daytime snacking sessions for both dogs and cats. Come evening, you can treat them to a serving of wet food, ensuring they get a varied and enjoyable diet.

Remember, whether it's for our playful doggos or curious cats, a thoughtful approach to feeding goes a long way in ensuring their health and happiness.

A dachshund and a tuxedo cat play on the forest floor. They're working up an appetite for Royal Canin's Breed Specific wet and dry food comboes.

Unique Breeds, Unique Bites: Royal Canin's Wet and Dry Selections

Beyond One-Size-Fits-All: The Canine Breed-Specific Approach by Royal Canin

When it comes to our furry friends, one size doesn't fit all, especially concerning their dietary needs. Royal Canin understands this intricacy and has crafted five breed-specific formulations, each meticulously designed for both dry and wet food varieties. These combinations aren't just about taste; they're about ensuring each breed gets the nutrients tailored to its unique requirements. As a whole, the dog food formulas address and support the following health needs in each breed:

Bread-Specific Wet and Dry Formulas & Their Functions
Yorkie Coat health, satisfies fussy appetite, early ageing support
Poodle Immune system support, Coat health, digestive heath
Dachshund Immune system support, joint and bone, digestive health
Chihuahua High palatability, stool & odour reduction, dental health
Pomeranian Coat and skin, dental and oral, digestive, bone and joint

A beautiful beige Maine Coon cat with yellow eyes is focused on the bowl of Royal Canin breed-specific mixed wet and dry food that will ensure good health.

Mix it up! Royal Canin: Boosting Feline Health with Mixed Feeding

Why is a Mixed Feeding routine particularly key for your cat’s health? For starters, cats tend to prefer wet food, which better stimulates their sense of smell and boosts their appetite. Wet food not only offers exciting delights to your cat' senses, but it also offers other health advantages such as hydration, fewer calories, and greater comfort for cats with oral sensitivities. Still, dry food presents important advantages too. Please see table below with breed specific dry food features.

Royal Canin's Breed-Specific Dry Food Formulas & Their Focus
British Shorthair Unique muscle needs, cardiac, bone and joint sensitivities
Persian Coat health, hairball control, digestive sensitivities
Maine Coon Skin and coat, cardiac, bone and joint sensitivities
Siamese Coat support, ideal bodyweight, digestive sensitivities
Sphynx Energy needs, unique skin, cardiac sensitivities

An image of Royal Canin's new Sensory range of cat food. Designed to delight your cat's sense of smell, taste and an appreciation of palatability.

Make Sensory™ Wet Food the Perfect Combo with Your Feline Breed-Specific Dry Food

A mix of both breed-specific dry food with Sensory wet food allows for the kind of variety that will keep your cat a healthy, enriched eater. Royal Canin's Maine Coon cat formula is the only breed-specific food that comes with corresponding wet food. But exceptional breed-specific support does not end there. Introducing Royal Canin's Sensory wet range, the perfect wet food to combine with the breed-specific, dry food formulas.

The Sensory range is a step forward in nutrition science but most importantly, when you unveil a can from this range, the excitement from you cat is palpable. From the eager paws tapping in anticipation to the contented post-dinner purrs, it's clear that Royal Canin has crafted a sensory feast in every serving. Mealtime is transformed into a delightful event. Here is breakdown of the Sensory range.

Sensory Range Unique Features of This New Wet Technology
Sensory Feel New texture chunks in jelly or gravy: stimulates a cat's powerful sense of smell
Sensory Smell Regular chunks in jelly or gravy: stimulates a cat's powerful sense of smell
Sensory Taste Regular chunks in jelly or gravy: stimulates a cat's distinctive sense of taste

A fury, healthy kitten that loves eating Royal Canin cat food

Hydration Station: Royal Canin's Recipe for Refreshment

Mixing wet and dry food for your pets offers a bunch of perks. For starters, wet food is a sneaky way to boost hydration in both dogs and cats. But let's be real, it's just a piece of the hydration puzzle. Always ensure there's a steady flow of crisp, cool water available.

And a pro tip? Place it in a shady spot to keep it refreshing. It's a good idea to have a couple of water dishes around, just in case one takes a tumble during your absence. And speaking of water hygiene, watch out for those mischievous furballs that love to give their muddy paws a quick rinse in the bowl. Keep it clean, and keep it filled!

Royal Canin's wet food range is nutritionally complete and a perfect complement to their dry kibbles. By mixing wet and dry foods, you can add variety and texture to your dog and cat's diet ensuring optimal health and vitality.

Healthy Apricot poodle is fueled by Royal Canin's breed specific wet and dry cat food combo.  Sitting on the grass with her orange and blue ball. she's ready for another round of fetch.

Tailored Nutrition: Embracing Each Breed's Uniqueness with Royal Canin

Diving into the realm of pet nutrition can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, with Royal Canin's breed-specific solutions, ensuring the best health for our four-legged companions becomes a delightful journey. Whether you're catering to a playful pup or a graceful cat, the combination of wet and dry foods guarantees that every meal is both delicious and beneficial.

It's more than just filling their dishes; it's about understanding and catering to their distinct needs, embracing the individuality of each breed. So, here's to joyous mealtimes, enthusiastic tail wags, and contented purrs! With Royal Canin, you're not merely feeding; you're cherishing. Here's to many more moments of love, laughter, and the special bond that only a pet can bring!