Experience Magic & Adventure: Jungle Theatre Brings "Dassie's Tale" to Petworld Somerset West this Saturday!

Experience Magic & Adventure: Jungle Theatre Brings "Dassie's Tale" to Petworld Somerset West this Saturday!

Vanessa LeRoux

Join us for a delightful day at Petworld in Somerset West on the 23rd of September! As your trusted destination for all your pet needs, we're thrilled to host the enchanting "Dassie's Tale" by the Jungle Theatre Company. It's not just a shopping trip; it's a magical adventure for the entire family right in the heart of your favourite pet haven. And the best part? Secure your spot on this journey by simply signing up online for your free tickets. Let's create memories together, surrounded by the love and joy of our furry friends!

The promo poster for a Dassies Tale featuring the central animals characters, lion, squirrel, dassie and mouse.

A Day of Dance, Song, and Story: "Dassie's Tale" Takes Center Stage at Petworld!

Prepare to be amazed! This Saturday, the 23rd, at 11 am, the enchanting "Dassie's Tale" – a mesmerizing isiXhosa folktale that will transport you back to the ancient times of Earth's creation - is coming to Petworld in Somerset West! Dive into a world where animals showcase their unique talents and where Dassie, our adorable yet lazy main character, embarks on a transformative journey of hard work, honesty, and self-discovery.

This isn't just a play; it's a vibrant celebration of culture, complete with soul-stirring songs, captivating dance, and a harmonious blend of isiXhosa and English. And guess what? The fun doesn't stop for 35 exciting minutes!

Described as "adequately silly and engaging for children of the target age group – and everyone," this is THE event you won't want to miss! So, gather your friends, family, and fellow theatre enthusiasts, and let's make it a day to remember at Somerset West Petworld!

A brown and white eagerly gnaws on a nut, getting his energy up to attend Dassies Tail at Petworld, 23rd of September.

Jungle Theatre Company: A Beacon of Artistic Inspiration

Founded in 2004 as a non-profit, the Jungle Theatre Company (JTC) harnesses performing arts to uplift disadvantaged South African youth. Drawing from the nation's cultural tapestry, JTC's diverse team crafts performances that resonate with both traditional and contemporary themes.

Fusing Tradition with Modern Artistry

JTC's shows blend music, dance, storytelling, and puppetry, offering a unique window into African children’s theatre. Beyond entertainment, these performances aim to educate, raise awareness and foster personal growth among the youth.

Partnerships Amplifying Impact

Through collaborations with various sectors, JTC amplifies its impact. Their diverse offerings range from theatre productions and workshops to skills training, all designed to enrich the lives of children and the broader community.

Petworld Logo - your pets mean the world to us

Petworld: South Africa's Trusted Pet Haven

Across South Africa, Petworld stands as a beacon for pet owners with its ten dedicated retail stores. From its inaugural store in Goodwood, Cape Town, to the newest addition in Diep River, each location is thoughtfully curated with over 15,000 products. Beyond the vast product range, Petworld prides itself on offering expert advice and commendable customer service, ensuring every pet and their parent feels valued.

Notable branches include the spacious store in Somerset West, Cape Town, and the bustling locations in Roodepoort and Fourways, Johannesburg. Additionally, for those on the go, Petworld's Express stores in Table Bay Mall and Rondebosch offer a convenient shopping experience.

Whether you're a long-time pet parent or just beginning your journey with a new pet, PetWorld is committed to assisting you in providing the utmost care for your cherished companions.

A closeup of a stunning lion's face just like the lion in a Dassies Tail showing a Petworld on Saturday.

Petworld and Jungle Theatre: Crafting Memories, Celebrating Community!

In the heart of Somerset West, an extraordinary partnership blossoms between the Jungle Theatre Company and Petworld, two entities deeply rooted in community enrichment and empowerment. Founded on shared values, this collaboration is a testament to the commitment both organizations have towards fostering a sense of community, culture, and care.

The Jungle Theatre Company, with its rich history of uplifting South African youth through the arts, beautifully complements Petworld's dedication to being a beacon for pet lovers across the nation. As we anticipate the enchanting "Dassie's Tale" performance, it's evident that this isn't just about entertainment or shopping; it's about coming together as a community, celebrating our shared love for family pets, and creating warmhearted memories.

This collaboration underscores the power of unity, the importance of cultural appreciation, and the mutual passion both entities have for nurturing and caring for our beloved pets. Join us in celebrating this harmonious partnership, where art meets care and community thrives.