Petcoins and adoption days have ‘saved lives’ at K9 & Bridgers Rescue

Petcoins and adoption days have ‘saved lives’ at K9 & Bridgers Rescue


The Petworld loyalty rewards system and adoption days, have “saved lives” at K9 & Bridgers Rescue, one of Petworld’s animal welfare partners.

Co-Founder of the organisation, Megan Bridger, says that she cannot express enough how vital Petworld’s support has been to the growth of their rescue organization.

“There have been days where the Petcoins that customers have donated to our organization have fed animals, treated them for ticks and fleas, and purchased essential items for their well being within our foster care as well as the animals in the community,” she said.

K9 & Bridgers Rescue is one of Petworld’s five animal welfare partners including, TOP- The Outreach Program, Oscars Arc, ROAR For Paws and A New Hope Dog Rescue.

Petworld has donated over R25 000 to their various animal welfare partners and has found homes for over 2 500 pets.

Bridger says that it is extremely important for organizations to have backing.

“Without it, the struggle is real. The amount of donations versus income is scary and without support it is simply impossible to help,” she said.

K9 & Bridgers Rescue is based in Lorensia Park, Somerset West, and is an organisation that believes in sterilization, rehabilitation, education, census and rescue.

Thanks to the Petworld adoption days, Bridger says that hundreds of their animals have been rescued and adopted.

“Adopting saves lives, people think that adopting a one-year-old animal means they are untrainable- rubbish. Animals are trainable, animals just need the right home in order to flourish.”

“A rescue animal is the best kind of breed, believe me, you often think you are saving them but in turn they end up saving you,” she continued.

The K9 & Bridgers team is passionate about helping animals in local communities and each month they bring out the Animal Welfare clinic to care for and get as many animals vaccinated as possible.

Bridger says she and her team are grateful to Petworld and their other supporters.

“It has been an insane year and we truly couldn't have done this without any of you!”

Customers can download the Petworld app on Google Play or the App Store and earn Petcoins on in-store purchases which can be donated to one of the animal welfare partners.