5 Best Interactive Dog Toys

5 Best Interactive Dog Toys


Here at Pet World, we love to provide the perfect toys to keep your dogs happy. We have a number of interactive toys that your fur babies will absolutely love. Our toys will not only keep them busy, but they also serve as educational tools.

Petsafe Automatic Ball Launcher 

Our favourite toy here at PetWorld is the automatic ball launcher. Our dogs can sometimes exhaust us with the number of times they want us to throw a ball. This toy will do it for us! It has nine distance settings, six different angles, and it can launch a ball up to 9 metres. You don’t need to worry about your dog exhausting themselves either, the Petsafe ball launcher has multiple sensors capable of providing your dog with adequate resting breaks.

Flamingo Albert Brain Train 2 Flaps, 27.5x21.5x5 cm, Dogs Toy 

Next on our list is this simplistic but clever treat toy. Simply pressing a button on the toy will lift a flap that reveals a container with treats in it. All you need to do is fill it with treats every once in a while. This toy might seem very simplistic, but it can keep dogs entertained for hours. They will even regularly go back to check if there are more treats.

Flamingo Dog Trainer Ball, Medium, 11 cm 

This is more than just a ball. The trainer ball has small hiding spots where you can put treats in for your dogs to find. In addition, this ball also has a sound element which will keep your dogs playing with it even long after they have found all their treats.

Gyro Dog Toy, Large 

This toy is aimed at larger dogs. It’s a durable chew toy with hidden treat compartments. Your dogs will need to spin and flip the toy around in order to get the treats out, leaving them entertained for a long time.

Flamingo Interactive Popup Dog Toy, 20 cm, Treat Dispenser 

This is a simple treat dispenser toy. As your dog moves the toy around, treats will begin to fall out of it. If you’re leaving your dog home alone for a long period of time, it’s a great idea to fill it with treats to keep them busy for hours.

We all love keeping our pups entertained, but sometimes we just can’t find the time. These interactive toys at Pet World are the perfect solution for you keeping the boredom at bay.