Petworld & Acana: Fuel Your Dog's Vitality from Within!

Petworld & Acana: Fuel Your Dog's Vitality from Within!

Vanessa LeRoux

At Petworld, we are excited to announce our partnership with Champion Petfoods as we strive to deliver top-notch products and services for our canine buddies. Champion Petfoods aligns with our commitment to excellence and prioritizing the well-being of our cherished dogs as integral members of our households.

Healthy Acana Dog

Acana Pet Food: Ingredients for Optimal Canine Health

Champion Petfoods is renowned for producing premium Acana pet food with the world's finest ingredients. Their recipes are carefully crafted with at least 50% premium animal ingredients, balanced with vegetables, fruits, botanicals, and essential nutrients. They also incorporate added vitamins and minerals, natural preservatives, and probiotics to support overall pet health.

One key aspect differentiating Acana is its focus on using ingredients pet owners recognize and trust. They prioritize free-run poultry, farm-raised meat, wild-caught or responsibly farm-raised fish, as well as whole fruits and nutritious vegetables. Acana uses these high-quality ingredients to ensure that pets feel good on the inside, reflecting their visible vibrancy and health.

The entire Acana dog food range available at Petworld

Acana Features Four Nourishing Dog Food Ranges:

Acana Classics: Three special Acana foods, each brimming with 50% meat, feature fresh free-run chicken, turkey and eggs from local prairie farms, wild-caught fish from Vancouver's Pacific waters, or heritage red meats from Alberta's ranches.

Acana Heritage: Our Acana Dog Biologically Appropriate foods, rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, Acana Heritage foods are brimming with 60-75% meat, including fresh free-run chicken, nest-laid eggs and wild-caught flounder.

Regionals: Inspired by Western Canada's fertile farms and pristine waters, Acana Regionals are now enhanced with 70% meat–containing free-run poultry and nest-laid eggs, whole wild-caught fresh and saltwater fish, and fresh heritage red meats.

Singles Food and Treats: Perfect for diet-sensitive dogs, our expanded Biologically Appropriate and Limited Ingredient Acana Singles feature 50% meat from grass-fed lamb, free-run duck, Yorkshire pork, or wild-caught Pacific pilchard.

Smiling French Bulldog with a full tummy of Acana dog food.

Acana & Petworld: Enhancing Dogs' Lives Together

Petworld takes pride in offering an exclusive range of products that cannot be found elsewhere in South Africa. The company is committed to delivering holistic solutions for all your canine care requirements. Their highly skilled teams are equipped with expert knowledge on top-notch pet care, and their utmost priority is to aid you in delivering unparalleled care for your hounds. This is at the heart of their powerful partnership with Acana.

Biologically appropriate Acana Dog food

Igniting Your Dog's Potential

As we embark on the journey towards the future of pet retail, Petworld and Acana remain steadfast in their commitment to providing unparalleled nutrition, as nature intended, to energize and fortify your beloved dog companions. As a team, they prioritize collaboration, top-notch offerings, and holistic support to elevate the well-being of dogs and strengthen the connection between people and their four-footed friends. Petworld extends a cordial invitation to you to visit their stores along with your dogs and witness the Petworld distinction firsthand.