The Cutest Little Lamb There Ever Was: Bovril Visits Petworld!

The Cutest Little Lamb There Ever Was: Bovril Visits Petworld!

Vanessa LeRoux

Bovril and Marmite: A Legacy of Love and Second Chances

As a newborn lamb, Bovril's mommy was rescued six years ago by Lizell and Freek. She was a Christmas lamb desperately in need of a loving home. This incredible family took her in and named her Marmite! Marmite stayed with her family for four years and then went on to lend a helping hand with the public at the Eagle Encounter rescue. Lizell and Freek visited her regularly, and their relationship was maintained.

A newborn Bovril opens her eyes and sees the word around her for the first time. She looks adorable, so little!

Bovril's Birth: A Rescue Story Repeats

The owner of Eagle Encounter brought in a male sheep, and that's when little Bovril (aptly named after her mommy, Marmite) was born. Once again, this fantastic couple stepped into the breach and took Bovril home when she was one day old. She needed to be hand-fed and raised because, as much as Marmite loved her, she couldn't figure out how to nurse and care for her.

Petworld's Youngest Regular: Bovril's Lucerne Quest

Bovril is now six weeks old. She loves people, kids especially, dogs, grass, milk and lucerne. Petworld is the only place Bovril's hoo-mommy and hoo-daddy could find Lucerne, so little Bovril has become a regular at various Petworld stores.

Bovril get her paisley bandanna in red and white. She's ready for her visit to Petworld!<br>

? Bovril's Grand Entrance at Petworld Somerset West

It was a magical day at the store when we learned Bovril was gracing us with her presence. The buzz about this adorable little lamb had been building, and our anticipation was palpable. Promptly at 10 a.m., the dainty footsteps of Bovril approached our entrance. Punctual as ever, it's almost as if this lamb had her own little wristwatch!

We adorned her with a chic red and white paisley Petworld bandanna to mark her special visit. She looked absolutely fetching, and she knew it too! With a proud tilt of her head, she trotted alongside Lizelle and Freek, making her grand entrance. Her petite size surprised us, allowing us to hold her gently as she affectionately nuzzled against our necks.

Bovril is a star for the day, getting lots of attention from the customers. She looks bright eyed and happy.

? Bovril at Petworld: From Special Treats to Loving Fans

But first things first, our little guest of honour was due for her special treat - a bottle of milk with a hint of ideal milk. It was our little way of pampering her, and she lapped it up with gusto. Once satiated, Bovril was all set to meet her adoring fans. Both team members and customers were utterly smitten, their faces lighting up at the sight of her twinkling eyes and those cute black socks. She was the epitome of grace, letting the little ones gather around her for some heartwarming cuddles.

Bovril's doggo pack at home, she's their little sister and they love her.

? Discovering Bovril: More Pup than Lamb?

As the day unfolded, we unravelled some delightful tidbits about our snuggly visitor. Believe it or not, Bovril thinks she's one of the dogs! Her tail wags joyfully, a testament to her upbringing alongside four doggo companions. She's fully embraced her honourary dog status.

And her penchant for snuggling? Well, with a sprightly jump, she claims her spot on the couch or the dog beds, nestling into a cosy nook, all set for a cuddle. And just like a pup, she has this adorable habit of pawing at the dog beds with her front hooves, ensuring it's perfectly fluffed for her naps.

Our hearts melted further as we continued to be beguiled by Bovril's enchanting face, those alert ears, and her striking black and white coat. It was evident that this captivating lamb completely enthralled us!

Sporting her red and white bandanna Bovril tucks into some tasty Lucerne, her favourite where she can only buy from Petworld.

? Bovril's Mission: A Lucerne Feast at Petworld

However, Bovril wasn't just at Petworld for the adoration (though she received plenty of it). She had a mission: to indulge in her favourite food - lucerne. Nestled in our Small Animal department, alongside delicacies for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice, was Bovril's sought-after foodies.

While these sections typically cater to our tiny residents awaiting their forever homes, it was Bovril's dining room today. Lizelle, her doting hoo-mommy, fetched a bag of lucerne and placed it in Bovril's familiar feeding tray, brought from home to ensure her utmost comfort. And oh, how she relished it! Every bite was an expression her delight.

Snapshots of Bovril's Day

As she feasted, smartphones emerged from pockets, capturing this heartwarming moment. Videos and photos were taken, ensuring memories of Bovril's visit would be cherished forever.

A picture of Bovril at two weeks, standing in the warm sun on the patio.

? Until Next Time, Bovril: A Chapter of Joy and Anticipation

All too soon, it was time to bid farewell to our woolly guest. Though Bovril would soon be joining her mommy at the Engle Encounter rescue, whispers of her frequent visits to Petworld filled the air. We eagerly await those moments, for every visit from Bovril is a sprinkle of joy in our week.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Bovril and her loving hoo-parents for sharing the boundless happiness she radiates. And a little birdie told us: should Lizelle and Freek ever welcome another adorable lambkin into their fold, the name 'Vegemite' is on the cards! How delightful!