Petworld Pawfile: Marceline the speedy Whippet loves to refuel with treats

Petworld Pawfile: Marceline the speedy Whippet loves to refuel with treats


Petworld loyal customer and growing social media influencer, Marceline, the 6-year-old Whippet gets all the spoils from her dads when she visits the store store.

Owner and Genetic Engineer from Stellenbosch, Marlon-Schylor Le Roux, says they enjoy visiting Petworld because of its convenience and that it has all of Marceline's favourite snacks and toys.

“Marceline's vet is at Vetworld and she gets her nails done at Groomworld. She definitely loves picking out her own toys especially if it squeaks,” he said.

At Petworld, we encourage your furry friends to visit our stores with you and when they do we spotlight them in our Petworld Paw-files series where we introduce and celebrate the cuties who brighten up our days.

Le Roux describes Marceline as a happy and very active dog, however, she can be a couch potato especially on those cold and rainy winter days. 

Walks on the beach is one of Marceline's favourite activities with her dads, and Le Roux says that when she sprints along the beach to fetch her ball she tends to be a “show stopper”.

To refuel, some of Marceline's favourite treats include Orijen Freeze-Dried Treats, the buchu biscuits from Ricky Litchfield and Biltong.

“She is a photo queen and knows exactly when it time for a photo shoot for her social media pages. Running is her favorite activity but cuddles is her day job,” he said.

Le Roux says he would recommend Pet Dent toothpaste, as it has helped them in a past a number of times to keep Marceline's teeth clean and breathe smelling better. Another product they often use is PawBalm from Ricky Litchfield.


Whippets are very fast runners due to their “double suspension” gait, meaning they have full extension when they run. Their front legs extend ahead of them and their rear legs extend behind them.

When they run with full extension, none of their paws are in contact with the ground. The double extension gait allows Whippets to reach a top speed of around 56km per hour!

Despite their need for speed, Whippets don’t need an extreme amount of exercise and are happy to, like Marceline, spend the day snoozing on the couch with their family.