How to Prepare Your Home for a Puppy

How to Prepare Your Home for a Puppy


Congratulations on your new fur baby!

The nesting phase is always incredibly exciting.
It's best to have the essentials ready in order to maximize quality time with your new best buddy.

Petworld is the perfect place packed with everything you would need to fully prepare you for your pup!

Puppies are curious creatures, therefore, ensure that there are no loopholes where your puppy could figure out a way to access the great unknown.

1) A simple name tag is not only essential, but it also creates a sense of belonging. Customise your puppy's tag with this Instant Tag.

2) Pick a collar that suits your doggo's look. There are an array of designs to choose from to complement your unique lifestyle. This dog collar is cute and classic.

A dog lead to match and harness such as this comfortable padded harness is also necessary for puppy training and sunny, supervised strolls.

3) In the case of your pup experiencing the thrill of total liberation, this practical IDENTIFICATION TUBE is simply ideal!

A tech-savvy GPS PET TRACKER is also perfect for peace of mind.

4) The next step would be to find out what food your puppy was previously eating, as their digestive systems are still sensitive to sudden changes in diet. Very slowly transition your choice of food that support's your puppy's breed.

For all your puppy's essential nutrients, try ORIJEN puppy food, which is made from fresh and raw free-range ingredients, supporting optimal growth.

5) The ultimate key to a fur baby's heart is of course, SNACKS! These affordable VONDIS puppy crunchy treats will certainly buy their loyalty, plus it will help motivate your puppy to get trained. Rewards are always fun and welcomed, whether they be edible or simply chewable. Add this first PUPPY BALL to start off their collection.

6) Ahh! The joys... get ready for the inevitable.

Fortunately, there is a more convenient way to clean up all the little accidents with these handy puppy training pads.

For something long-term, check out this smart and attractive artificial grass mat!

7) An unfamiliar space is always daunting, help your pup feel relaxed and safe with their very own durable HARPER SOFA.

Although their energy levels are extremely high, a snooze will soon be in order.

A forever bed in their forever HOME!