SA's smallest celeb dog Mr Miyagee is Petworld’s biggest fan

SA's smallest celeb dog Mr Miyagee is Petworld’s biggest fan


Weighing in at just under 2 kilograms, South Africa’s smallest social media star and celebrity dog, Mr Miyagee, is one of Petworld’s biggest fans.

At Petworld, we celebrate our furry customers that come to visit our stores which is why we’ve decided to spotlight them in our Petworld Paw-files series. 

Meet Mr Miyagee, who is a 3-year-old chocolate long coat chihuahua from Cape Town and is described by his owner, Lindi Pieterse, as “small and mighty with heart and soul as big as a lion’s”.

Also nicknamed, Piccolo di Cucciolo di Cioccolato — the Italian meaning for little chocolate puppy — Mr Miyagee is widely known for his Instagram page which boasts close to 4.5 thousand followers. 

He is also brand influencer and ambassador to more than 90 brands. 

Pieterse, who is a motivational speaker and choreographer, says that Mr Miyagee is a certified emotional support pet to a 10-year-old boy and is a trained therapy dog.

“He visits schools, hospitals, special needs institutions, old age homes and children's homes to Inspire and share a bit of love and light on his way,” she said. 

“In his free time he enjoys participating in dog shows, posing as a model for various brands and campaigns, and reviewing pet products. He loves acting in front of the TV cameras, plus he is a well known and loved public figure as an advocate against bullying in schools and animal abuse.”

Mr Miyagee loves his outings to Petworld, and his mom especially loves the fact that the Cape Town branch has a coffee bar inside the store. 

“Shopping at Petworld is a memorable experience to enjoy with your furbaby! With so many different brands to choose from it is really such a joy to visit any of their stores,” said Pieterse. 

Here are some of Mr Miyagee’s favourite Petworld products:
Flamingo treats. “They smell just as good as they taste!”
Flamingo grooming range. “It leaves his coat super shiny and feeling soft.”
Acana freeze-dried treats
Puppy training pads
Red Dingo collar range. “We love the unbelievably large range of Red Dingo Collars in every color and design.”
Ricky Litchfield products. “This is my favourite pet essential daily range to assist in keeping your pet healthy in every way.”

If you think this adorable face is familiar, that’s because it probably is! Mr Miyagee is no stranger to the camera and among other amazing projects, he has made appearances in the latest Samsung Galaxy reveal advert and a Mentos advert.