How to have Fun when it’s Raining Cats and Dogs

How to have Fun when it’s Raining Cats and Dogs


As much as our furry friends love playing at the park or going on walks, unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always play ball. When they stare at you with those sad, longing, puppy eyes during a rainy day it’s difficult to explain to them why they aren’t going outside.

Of course, there’s good reason to remain indoors when the weather is bad, but unfortunately, our fluffy best friends don’t always understand that. Entertaining them indoors can be an exhausting task, especially with dogs that have a high energy personality. Indoor play also poses the risk of causing damage to your furniture or other household items, so we’ve outlined some of the best ways to have some indoor fun.

  1. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a great way to keep your dogs busy as they naturally love to search and sniff their way around. This game can be played with a couple of healthy treats or biscuits: simply hide the treats away from your dogs and watch those noses go to work! Make sure your dogs are put away in the beginning so they can’t see where you’re hiding the treats.

2. Stuffed Treat Toy

Stuffed treat toys are fantastic for keeping boredom at bay with minimal effort from the human’s side. Stuff the toy with some healthy treats and let your doggos figure it out for themselves. Another great trick is to put dog-safe peanut butter in the toy and freeze it overnight. This will keep most dogs busy for at least half an hour, and the constant jaw action will tire them out quickly.

3. Puzzle Toys

We offer a variety of puzzle and educational toys, and one of our top picks, without a doubt, is a treat-dispensing toy. These interactive toys will give your dog some mental stimulation and will certainly help keep them busy while they aren’t allowed outside. They’ll embrace the challenge, and they’ll love the tasty rewards.

4. Play With Bubbles

As natural hunters, dogs love to chase things. While you might not want to play with a ball or a toy inside the house, non-toxic bubbles can be just as effective... and they’re fun for us too! While most store-bought bubbles aren’t safe for dogs, you can whip up your own batch at home with some simple household ingredients:

Mix everything together, let it stand for a few hours, and there you have it! You can use an old bubble wand, a bent pipe cleaner, or even a straw to blow your doggie bubbles. Just make sure to keep the container sealed and out of reach of your pup, and once playtime is over, give them a nice wipe down with a wet cloth so the residue doesn’t stick to them. And of course, as with humans, watch out for the eyes.

Don’t let stormy weather rain on your dog’s parade and get in the way of their happiness. It’s important to keep them stimulated and active even when it’s raining if you want to keep your dog happy and healthy.