Step into the Journey: Discover Dr Omar’s Path & Dedication to Animal Well-Being

Step into the Journey: Discover Dr Omar’s Path & Dedication to Animal Well-Being

Vanessa LeRoux

Dr Omar Mehtar joined the Vetworld family in November of 2021, carrying with him a genuine and considerate vision for veterinary care. At Petworld, we recognize that our animal companions deserve the utmost care, and we are truly proud to have Dr Omar serve as the compassionate neighbourhood vet at Vetworld Somerset West, which is conveniently located right next door.

With a warm smile, gentle hands, and a wealth of experience, Dr Omar has quickly become a trusted and valued member of the community and a guardian to the animals he treats. We are deeply grateful for the tireless dedication Dr Omar brings to his work, ensuring the health and well-being of our cherished pets. From routine examinations and vaccinations to times of emergency, his steadfast commitment is exemplary. As a strong advocate for preventive care, Dr Omar thoughtfully takes the time to discuss each pet's health and well-being with their parents, fostering a nurturing environment for care.

Dr Omar smiles holding a senior Greyhound dog.

Charting the Journey: Dr Omar's BVSc and Early Years

Holding a BVSc, or Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Dr Omar dedicated seven years of his life to rigorous study at Pretoria University, culminating in his graduation in 2009. A native of the vibrant city of Durban, it was his innate affinity for animals that guided him towards a gratifying career in veterinary medicine.

The Odyssey of Care

Dr Omar's emergence as a deeply compassionate and devoted professional in veterinary care was, in many respects, a destiny carved from his lineage. Born into a family with a rich legacy of medical practitioners, the traditional trajectory seemed almost preordained.

Diverging Paths, From Human Medicine to Veterinary Compassion.

However, a serendipitous encounter during a holiday spent shadowing a veterinarian in his matric year proved to be the catalyst for change. The experience resonated so profoundly within him that when the letter of acceptance to veterinary school arrived, there was no hesitation. He gracefully diverged from the path of becoming a medical doctor and instead embraced, with open arms and a fervent heart, a calling in veterinary medicine. Dr Omar found profound fulfilment in the knowledge that his life's work would be dedicated to the well-being of cherished creatures, great and small.

A Life Entwined: Dr Omar's Commitment to Animals, Feasts and Family

Dr Omar's love for animals extends into his personal life. At home, he's not just a vet but a doting pet parent to a lively bunch: 5 rescue dogs, 3 cats, 3 horses, and 14 chickens. His evenings are every so often spent in the soothing company of his chickens, a simple pleasure that helps him unwind.

Rooster and hen, a bit bedraggled after being rescued from the sea. Food is being offered to them.

The Clucking Chronicles: The Story Behind Dr Omar's Chicken Family

Fourteen chickens? You may well ask. Now that's a clucking good story! Picture this: a rooster and a hen find themselves on a beach escapade, washed ashore like little feathery castaways. Who comes to their rescue? None other than Dr Omar, the gallant chicken-saver. After ensuring that the two bewildered birds were in good health (albeit a tad windswept), he welcomed them into his home with open arms. And what happens when a rooster and a hen find a loving home? A feathery family blooms! The original dynamic duo turned into a sprightly flock of fourteen, and Dr Omar's backyard has never been the same since!

four teaspoo<br>ns of colourful spices.

From Vet to Seasoned Family Chef

Cooking is another genuine passion. In his kitchen, Dr Omar rolls up his sleeves and immerses himself in creating nourishing, flavourful meals. He's generally the cook of the house, keen on using seasonal ingredients. "Spice is the flavour of life!" Is his culinary motto.

Parenthood and Pets: The Warm Home of Dr Omar and Dr Camilla

Family is at the heart of his world. Dr Omar is married to Dr Camilla, also a veterinarian. They are proud parents to two boys and are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their little girl. Their home is a warm, sincere place, abundant with love and the happy chaos of their many pets.

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Whole-Pet Wellness: An Integrative Approach to Care

What makes Dr Omar so special is not just his credentials but his remarkable bedside manner. His belief is mindful, transparent, and collaborative veterinary care for dogs and cats that is built around relationships with his clients and their pets. To him, finding and building a relationship with a vet that a client can wholeheartedly trust and with whom they are comfortable is invaluable in treating animals. He always encourages everyone to come for a chat and discover the best treatment for their pet.

The Role of Nutrition in Pet Care

His philosophy is to help keep clients and their pets as healthy and happy as possible and keep them by their side for as long as possible. According to Dr Omar, this always starts with good nutrition: "Dog Food doesn't necessarily have to be the very best or most expensive as long as you feed your animals the very best that you can."

Maximizing Well-Being

Furthermore, Dr Omar emphasizes the significance of mental stimulation and engagement through playtime for your dog. A mere 10 minutes of cerebral exercise equates to the physical exertion of a 45-minute walk - an ideal alternative during the extremes of blistering summer days or cold, rain-drenched mornings.

Building Blocks of Pet Healthcare

Delving deeper into his philosophy, Dr Omar ardently underlines the imperative nature of regular and systematic veterinary care as the cornerstone of your pet's well-being. This encompasses a gamut of preventive measures, such as timely vaccinations, thorough dental cleanings, vigilant attention to parasites - including fleas, ticks, and worms - along with routine grooming needs such as nail trimming.

blank, colourful venn diagramme

Dr Omar's Venn Diagramme

Dr Omar often draws an analogy between treatment and a Venn diagram. Picture three circles: one representing the Gold Standard of Care, another signifying what he can accomplish for the pets, and the third illustrating what the pets allow him to do for them. He acknowledges that these circles don't always converge as ideally as one might hope. Dr Omar reveals, with a sincere smile, "This is where having backup plans 1, 2, and 3 are essential. And believe me, I'm often quick enough to devise plans 7, 8, and 9, especially when a feisty feline is involved!" Through this, he demonstrates his adaptability and genuine commitment to providing the best possible care for every animal that crosses his path.

yellow lab lying down with stethoscope around neck

Dental Care & Early Handling: Insights from Dr Omar

Dr Omar firmly believes in the life-altering benefits of routine dental care for pets. He's witnessed how a simple dental cleaning, which includes scaling and polishing, can significantly improve a pet's quality of life. Freed from oral pain, dogs and cats become livelier and more content. This straightforward intervention, he emphasizes, is often a turning point for many pets, greatly enhancing their happiness and well-being.

One of the critical aspects Dr Omar emphasizes for pet owners is to begin working with their pets at an early age to acclimate them to having their ears, mouths, and paws handled. According to him, this lays the foundation for more effective veterinary care. He explains: "This enables me to step in and offer expert advice and treatment that benefits both the pet and the parent." Dr Omar is gentle, initiating examinations with a comforting cuddle and leaving the more invasive procedures for last, allowing time to establish trust with the patient.

A pretty terrier-type mix typical of dogs up for adoption.

The Adoption Compass: A Helping Hand

Dr Omar collaborates closely with local animal welfare organizations, generously providing professional services at reduced fees. He believes profoundly in the value of adopting rescue animals as a path to welcoming a cherished pet into one's life. Nevertheless, he advises first-time pet owners to tread carefully when considering adopting these animals. He acknowledges that it can take some experience to successfully rescue and support a pet in adjusting to its new environment.

Moreover, he suggests that families with young children might benefit from choosing a breed known for its gentle nature, such as a Labrador or a Shih Tzu. Dr Omar emphasizes the importance of aligning the choice of a pet with the family's circumstances and capabilities.

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Peace of Mind Through WhatsApp: Connect with Dr Omar

Dr Omar makes it a point to be accessible for his clients who need to clarify doubts about medication, discuss feeding plans, or check in on parasite care and healing progress. He offers a direct WhatsApp line, encouraging clients to reach out with their questions and even send pictures of their pets' recovering wounds for his expert evaluation and reassurance.

Custom Vet Care & Expert Guidance: Come In!

Their doors are open, and Dr Omar, their kind-hearted veterinarian, is eager to meet the stars of your home – your pets! At Vetworld, they're all about happy tails and healthy pets. Consider booking an appointment with Dr Omar for top-notch care and expert advice to keep your furry friend in tip-top shape. If you're in the neighbourhood, feel free to swing by Vetworld. Dr Omar loves a good chat. Whether you have a story to share, need a tip, or just want to say hi, you'll be greeted with a warm smile.