Step Right Up, Tis the Season of FREE Gifts with Petworld and Hill's Science Plan Pet Food!

Step Right Up, Tis the Season of FREE Gifts with Petworld and Hill's Science Plan Pet Food!

Vanessa LeRoux

Get ready for a festive treat from Hill's Science Plan and Petworld – we're rolling out the red carpet for cat and dog parents! Nestled beneath our Hill's Christmas tree, a special Santa Paws gift awaits you. Pick up a 6kg or larger bag of cat food or a 12kg or larger bag of dog food, and voila – a gift is yours!

HIll's Science Plan medium breed adult, a Hill's fed golden retriever races through the water with a ball in his mouth. He's hoping for a gift from Hill's and Petworld this christmas.<br>

Step into the Spotlight with Our Pet Star Gift Selection

Whether your heart belongs to a purring starlet or a tail-wagging hero, we've got the perfect gift for them. Choose between a cat or dog-themed gift, each packed with exciting items that will have your pet basking in the limelight. Every Petworld XXL store is in on the action, starting November 27th, 2023 – remember, it's an in-store exclusive event. But hurry, this offer is available only while stocks last.

The Grand Unveiling of Our Show-Stopping Gifts

Curious about these glamorous goodies? Let's pull back the curtain: these swag bags are designed for the celebrities of your home – your pets! Purchase the required Hill's Science Plan cat or dog food to claim yours. Their selection is as diverse as it is nutritious, offering something scrumptious for every four-legged star.

A welsh springer spaniel sniffs longingly at a pile of christmas gifts trying to find the HIll's Science Plan and Petworld promotional gift full of goodies for the super star he is.<br>

Without Further Ado, Let's Introduce the Hill's and Petworld's Doggo Gift

It's a bonanza of goodies! Pick up your dog's favourite Hill's chow (12 kgs or larger) at Petworld, and treat your canine friend to a free gift. It's an easy and delightful way to spoil your pup!

What's in this Canine Bag of Swag?

  • A colourful bandana - perfect for the stylish pooches amongst us and a summer season go-to look.

  • One tug cracker - the all-time canine Christmas cracker for fun and games.

  • A paw LickiMat - Add your doggo's favourite snacks, and you have a tasty treat that keeps your pup busy and having fun.

  • Like any self-respecting Howl-lywood swag bag, it is in a gift-wrapped box perfect for putting under your tree. (If you can wait that long before spoiling your pawsome buddies.)

A tabby cat lies amongst the gifts under the christmas tree waiting for her special Hill's and Petworld promotion gift filled with a dangler and two catnip toys!<br>

Now Taking Centre Stage is The Hill's and Petworld Catto Gift

Even the most particular or discerning cats will be curious about the mystery box under the tree meant for them. There's no need to guess; we've outlined all the delightful goodies right here. And don't worry, if your cat isn't one of those who can read (though some certainly can!), the surprise will stay safely in the bag until you're ready to reveal their gift.

What's in your Feline Star's Gift Bag?

  • A cat dangler - a sure-fire winner with cattoroos everywhere! Here's to hours of playful fun.

  • Two, that's right, two catnip-filled gifts - We know what your cats can't get enough of!

Star Treatment for Your Pets: Discover Hill's Science Plan at Petworld!

Purrs and happy barks will greet these show-stopping gifts without fail. But the best part of this fantastic promotion is the Hill's Science Plan pet food. Hill's Science Plan is a globally recognized superstar pet food brand committed to delivering optimal nutrition through extensive research and high-quality ingredients. Developed by veterinarians and pet nutritionists, Science Plan products cater to pets' specific life stages, sizes, and unique dietary needs.

How to Choose the Right Hill's Science Plan Product

  1. Consider your pet's life stage: Choose a formula designed for your pet's age, such as puppy or kitty, adult, or senior.

  2. Factor in your pet's size: Select a product tailored to your dog's size, such as small, medium, or large breed formulas.

  3. Assess your pet's specific needs: Opt for specialized formulas targeting weight management, senior, allergen control, indoor living, or specific health conditions as necessary.

  4. For advice, consult a Petworld sales associate to understand the benefits and features of Hill's Science Plan food for your pet.

A happy golden retriever sits in front of a Christmas tree waiting for his free Hill's Science Plan gift of a<br>

Red Carpet Ready: Unwrap the Joy with Petworld and Hill's!

This holiday season, Petworld and Hill's Science Plan dazzle with a promotion that makes every pet feel like a superstar. With every purchase of Hill's Science Plan pet food, pet parents get delightful gifts, ensuring pets enjoy the festive spirit, too. Remember, with Petworld and Hill's; your pets aren't just well-fed; they're celebrated, making this a truly memorable holiday for your furry family members!