The Basics of Keeping your Dog Healthy

The Basics of Keeping your Dog Healthy


We know that your dog’s health is a top priority of yours and perhaps you might feel anxious about your role in maintaining your furend’s health and happiness. Health encompasses far more than just physical wellbeing and it is important to ensure that we are covering the basics. Here are some of the key areas and aspects that relate to the general welfare of your furry best friend.

Regular, Quality Sleep

The importance of sleep quality cannot be overstated. Good sleeping patterns are not only necessary for physical recovery but are also vital for a healthy emotional and mental state. The duration of sleep required can be dependent on several factors like breed and activity levels. The quality of sleep can largely be improved by controlling the sleeping environment, so a comfurtable bed is a great place to start. There are a variety of options including orthopaedic beds as well as different fabric and padding options. Visit our webstore and choose a comfortable bed from our many options. Also be sure to keep the room where your dog is sleeping nice and cool, dark, and quiet so that your pup can sleep soundly and dream of chasing cars.

Medical Aid

Medical expenses for your pet are inevitable – they can be very expensive and are usually unexpected. That's why planning for and managing these expenses is very important as you want to be able to provide your dog with medical treatment particularly when they really need it. A pet insurance plan may seem like a luxury now, but more often than not, the savings throughout the animal's lifetime can be considerable, not to mention the peace of mind knowing that they are covered.

For a relatively small monthly cost you could save thousands on costly medications and procedures. Make sure you do your research when comparing policies: price is important and so is the company underwriting the policy. Benefits may diffur considerably based on each plan so always make sure to read and understand the fine print before selecting a policy.

The All-Important Diet

A nutritious and balanced diet is the cornerstone of good health for both humans and pets. When selecting your dog’s food, it is best to take a considered approach to their specific needs. Factors that should be considered are age, breed, underlying medical conditions, and activity levels.

It is worth consulting a vet to determine what food is best for your dog as well as the correct portion size to optimise your dog’s health (we stock a variety of high-quality dog food brands on our webstore).

Psychological Health

Psychological health is often overlooked, particularly as it relates to our petsWe tend to think that showering them with love and attention and spoiling them with yummy treats is the only way to make them happy... but there’s more to it. Training is a very important psychological health tool that promotes pawsitive mental health: dogs need to be mentally stimulated whether it be learning basic obedience or new tricks. Training is also a great way to combine mental and physical wellbeing, and to strengthen your bond. A quick search online will provide many dog training options in your area. Read reviews and get started as soon as you can.